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Whyare Single Axle Trailers and Others So Popular Nowadays?

This constantly popular trailer is towed on the back of a vehicle and is usually used to carry things from A to B. This sort of trailer is the simplest in features and makes use of one single axle, to which two wheels are connected to let it to smoothly travel behind the vehicle.

You will typically see the single axle trailer type being utilised to haul smaller amounts of weight, and, anything over that set weight will raise the chances of it overturning. The trailer is quite often solidly attached to a truck or SUV, even though you will frequently see cars with smaller versions of the trailer.

Unlike larger Types of trailers, the Single Axle Trailer Design Differs

  • Many of these trailers happen to be contained, which willoffer a layer of protection for the trailer’s contents from the elements and from theft or damage.
  • Other designs are the open-air type, where the rear end can be lowered to make a ramp for loading up or unloading.
  • Alongside the classic flatbed trailer in Yorkshire, these are both very popular after all these years.

This Kind of Trailers is Normally Use by People Who are Involved In:

  • Sports, such as ATV’s (AKA quads)
  • Motorcycles
  • Jet Skis
  • Hauling heavy equipment, i.e. heavy gardening equipment

Safe and Sound

How a single axle trailer is hitched to a vehicle involves attaching the trailer hitch to a hitch receiver at the back of the vehicle. The hitch receiver’s towing weight limit as well as the size of the vehicle doing the towing, will decide how large of a trailer can be safely hauled. Strong security chains are also attached between the trailer and the hitch for extra safety if the hitch system happens to fail.

Lawfully speaking, the trailer has to be fitted with brake lights that work in sync with the towing vehicles:

Brake lights

  • Plus, the axle, wheels, and tyres have to be the correct size in most cases to be able to operate safely and securely on all roads.
  • The trailer’s frame will also have to be constructed strong and sturdy to put a stop to any loss of control on the nation’s motorways.


A number of single axle trailers are designed and made for certain purposes.

  • A car hauler, for instance, is a short, single axle type which allows for a car or a truck to be secured safely to the trailer and then transported by a vehicle.
  • Other kinds of single axle trailers are used especially for the purpose of towing small boats, different kinds of motorbikes etc.

These designs can also be open or enclosed, all which will depend on the owner’s requirements. Often, the size of the trailer will be slightly larger and the trailers will usually require two or more axles, as in the case of a flatbed design, all will depend on the size and weight of what is being transported.

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