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Why Wear the Blue Bridesmaid Dresses in Every Shade?

Ok, so your wedding day is approaching fast, and you got a ton of things to decide on. What about the bridesmaid’s dresses? Have you given any thought about what your closest friends or family members will be wearing on your big day?

Many times, the bridesmaid’s dresses are thought of as a mere formality. However, you need to realize that they can either make or break your photography session. You surely do not want that to happen.

Why consider choosing blue bridesmaids dresses?

While you can find several ideas online, we would like to present to you, the blue bridesmaid dresses. Why blue? Bridesmaid’s dresses normally come in bright colors. You can get them in yellow, red, blue, and even black.

The idea is that it should blend with your wedding dress. The color blue is for harmony and success in ancient Chinese and European civilizations the colors of red and blue, were given a lot of importance.

It is considered lucky for the newly wedded couple. When two souls become one, there should be a good balance in life between them. The color blue is also warm and refreshing. It can provide the atmosphere with an epitome of elegance.

Whether your bridesmaids are white, brown, or dark, it suits all tones. Hence, it comes as no surprise that the color blue is commonly used in several weddings. Usually, people play it safe like going with colors of lilac and red.

Blue adorned bridesmaids can certainly give you that attention that you were seeking from your invitees. If you are having your wedding take place near a pool or close to the ocean, then you know that you have hit the jackpot.

Since the water is blue, the blue dresses provide you with that warmth and brightness. During summer, you can choose a dress that comes with georgette, chiffon, and silk. It would be nice to select a color like powder blue, turquoise, pastel blue, and sky blue.

When the wedding is for the winter season, then you can consider using fabrics, which are thicker and come in colors like navy blue, royal blue, and electric blue. The style of the dress depends on the size of the body.

If your bridesmaids are slim, then go in for a V-neck or corset style. When you are busty, then you should consider going in for Chinese collar or round neck.

Whether you are planning to go with blue bridesmaid dresses or yellow, it is vital that you get it stitched or ready-made from a reliable source. The last thing you want is last minute changes, which can ruin the entire spirit of your wedding.

A badly stitched bridesmaids dress can hinder the movement of the bridesmaids. You certainly do not want that to happen. Not to mention, they will be holding bouquets and flowers during the ceremony on the church.

As it is, you will be tensed and stressed out. Hence, these small things like the tailor, flowers, photographer, and caterers need to be taken care of well before your big day. This way, you can enjoy your wedding day.


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