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Why should you Take SAT?

Scholastic Assessment Test, or SAT is an exam students are expected to write to get admitted into some of the top universities abroad. A lot of questions arise in a student’s mind before taking up the SAT exam. Firstly, the exam is not at all in direct link with your schooling, so why take it? Secondly, why SAT and not take other tests? Well, it turns out SAT is more useful than people think it is. There are a lot of reasons why a student should take up SAT.

  1. Many colleges are now asking for your SAT scores. Many universities now ask for your SAT scores before joining. Taking SAT hence keeps your options open. You are in reach of a range of options, and you could choose the best among them as it suits your needs and skills.
  2. Scholarships are sometimes based on SAT. In case you want to avail your scholarship, some colleges refuse to do so without your SAT scores. Having your fees waived off is undoubtedly an excellent way to pay back to your parents who are willing to invest heavily in you.
  3. Some jobs require SAT scores! Yes, you read that right. A lot of companies are now taking up job interviews for candidates who have their SAT scores ready with them. It might not be completely necessary, but it is definitely worth not losing an opportunity to join your dream job with a good SAT score intact.
  4. SAT does not contain a science section in the paper. This really helps those who are not equipped with an excellent technical ability. SAT is applicable for both students pursuing science and students pursuing arts and commerce. The options are that wide open.
  5. SAT has a lot of algebra questions, but fewer trigonometry and geometry questions. SAT will definitely help you shine if you prefer algebra over geometry in maths. If you need training for math in SAT, you could join the many SAT training Chennai centres to learn.
  6. A lot of math concepts are not covered by SAT, but algebra is the key to cracking the maths section of SAT easily. Logarithms, matrices, Fourier transforms, etc. are absent in SAT. Those math haters will find SAT easy to crack.
  7. SAT Essays – Here comes the tricky part. Some people thrive at debates, some are too shy. Well, SAT essays are not like those. A SAT essay basically requires your analysis of a particular piece of content. Literary analysis will definitely help you crack the essay section of SAT easily.
  8. SAT perfectly organizes its reading questions. This helps you find the point of reference with ease. The questions appear in the directive of progression for each and every passage. Consider taking SAT over the ACT exam.

Is getting into a good university abroad after your 12th standard really important to you? Tackling SAT is vital. You can take up training in the many SAT coaching centers in Chennai. The coaching centre ensures that you have not left any stone unturned before taking up the SAT exam.


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