Why is Zinc Important for the Health of Your Teeth?

Zinc, in addition to iron, is the most prominent mineral in the human body and keeps the skin, hair, teeth and nails healthy, and plays an important role in libido and the functioning of the immune system. Make sure you contact us now for any problem related to your teeth.

It requires activity of more than 300 body enzymes, which participate in biochemical reactions in the body, protein synthesis, hormone production, and in general well-being of the organism. In spite of this, many people miss this important mineral. Moreover, the World Health Organization estimates that more than a third of people in the world suffer from a lack of zinc in the body.

This is most likely to affect vegetarians and vegans, who usually have a higher level of phytic acid in the body, which reduces zinc absorption. It is found in integral cereals and legumes.

Also, the body of alcoholics is less likely to use zinc, and at the risk of those suffering from psoriasis.
At the highest risk, however, are those who avoid red meat, which is the best source of bioavailable zinc in our diet.
Some signs of zinc deficiency are weakened by the immune system, tendency to colds, slow wound healing, fatigue and low libido.
However, you will notice first of all the lack of zinc in your mirror reflection.

We present you some more symptoms:

Hair loss

In addition to frequent colds and infections, hair loss is the most common symptom of zinc deficiency. This mineral is crucial for cell proliferation and protein absorption that are essential for strong hair.

You have white dots on your nails

White nails are one of the key indicators of zinc deficiency. If your fingernails grow slowly and break this is because their proper growth requires a stable level of zinc in the body.

Your teeth are not white

Zinc is also important for healthy teeth and is naturally located in the saliva and the liver. If you notice that you are sensitive to fragrances, your sense of taste changes and you notice more frequent occurrences of flushing and inflammation of the gums, it is quite possible that you miss this mineral.

You often get herpes

People suffering from zinc deficiency are prone to herpes. Everything can be solved by introducing foods rich in these minerals with supplementation.

How to make sure you have enough zinc?

Our body cannot store zinc and that’s why we have to intake it through food. If you are a vegan, vegetarian, or you just do not eat much red meat, it’s possible that you need supplements.

On the other hand, those who eat red meat should take it in an amount of about 70 grams per day.

It is best to eat boiled red meat, because it is richer in zinc than otherwise prepared food.

On the other hand, vegetarians can alleviate the effects of phytic acid from legumes and cereals by drinking more milk.

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