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Why is it the right time to collect Airline Miles in India?

There are many frequent flyers who aren’t aware of (or simply don’t care to use) the perks associated with flying for a particular airline. Even with a range of facilities like the airlines mileage calculator, flight passengers do not seem to know much about ways to earn miles and then redeem it for attractive deals, upgrades, and ticket offers. Fortunately, in India, the awareness around this domain is rising steadily. Nowadays, more and more people now want to know about how to earn miles that they can collect and eventually be rewarded with a free ticket.

In case you are wondering ‘why now’, then here are a few points that amply depict why now is the right time to bring out your jet airways mileage calculator and start tracking the miles earned per trip.

1 – Intense Competition

Every major airline wants to build passenger loyalty. Hence, it won’t be a surprise if they pitch in with a bigger bag of goodies for flyers frequently using a single airline. For instance, JetPrivilege upgraded its rewards programs in 2015 with cool airline offers and benefits like enhanced benefits for Platinum, zero convenience feeds on online redemptions, and launch of family mileage pooling. You can expect other airlines to be more generous in an intensely competitive environment.

2 – Proliferation of credit cards

The push for a digital India and the enhanced security around credits cards have seen a greater adoption by the middle class in India. The rise of co-branded cards too has prompted better accrual of miles. This means that an increasing number of people now have more options of going for their favourite airlines and swiping for the tickets using their banks’ credit card. This is another reason why the time is ripe to take advantage of airline miles.

3 – The rise of mileage earning cards

Other than co-branded cards, there is an increasing market for mileage earning cards that exists solely for one purpose – to help the user accumulate more miles and thus reach his/her free ticket goals faster. HDFC Diners Club is a great example of such a card. The best part about this is that you don’t need to be limited by just one flight carrier to accumulate points. You can opt for multiple carriers and still be eligible to use the miles.

4 – Debit cards too offer miles

Credit cards aren’t the only medium that attracts miles for future redemption or airline offers. Interestingly, even debit cards are coming into the fray. Jet Airways has tied up with HDFC to offer a debit card that provides users with exciting benefits on collecting miles. It is touted as the first premium debit card that rewards users with free flights. With the card, flyers can redeem free flight by accumulating JP miles.

From jet airways mileage calculator to co-branded debit cards, it is clear that the ecosystem around airline rewards system is growing at a steady rate. If you are a flyer who takes frequent domestic or international trips, then these pointers will make it clear why the time is apt to collect airline miles in India.


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