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Why co working space is more productive

When you walk into a co working space, you can see that it is very much different from a regular office. Here, one can get to see a mixture of occupants as people from different work culture and occupations, co exist here.

These days, a shared office space or a co working space has become a very common concept. One can also get to see a lot of co working space in Kolkata. They are mainly filled up with people who work on their own but still needs a place to run away from the isolation of sitting down alone and working at home or in a coffee shop.

These co working spaces have a lot of facilities just like traditional office spaces. They have private meeting rooms, hot desks, canteens, coffee machines and more. They actually look like a community. The occupants here are mostly freelancers or entrepreneurs. They either work alone or have small teams who are very comfortable in a flexible office space.

This is also a big saviour when it comes to money. One can save a lot by booking or renting a corner in a big office for their own work instead of hiring an entire space. The cost may depend on the luxury meter of the space and also the location of it. One can pay on a monthly basis or a quarterly basis depending on what the criteria is.

With the help of co working, one can land with a lot of new clients. You have many people around you whom you can assess by their potentiality and expertise and later can work with them depending on what connections you have with them.

If one works from home or from a public space then there can be a lot of distractions which one can make them less productive. But if one goes for a co working office then there is no distraction and one cannot find enough things to kill time apart from work. Also one is surrounded by a lot of enthusiastic workers doing their own work and not doing anything else. This also works as a motivator and so the personal output also increases.

It is a great space for work for the freelancers. They get a feeling of community which they otherwise do not get by sitting and working at home.

Many researches have found out that the concept of co working is working very well. People are growing more comfortable while working likes this and they are really liking it as it is showing to be beneficial for them.

There are many co working spaces around and one just need to find the right one for them. Each co working space has their own vibe and one just need to match with that vibe. If that happens then it can be very beneficial as a working space. One can check online sites to find out such working spaces. They can also ask for recommendations from others who have already worked in these spaces.


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