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Why aretrains still popular in India?

In India, the trend of airways is all over the minds. But still then the charm of trains is not withered. Many people think that they still love the trains more than any other mean. Of course, you can easily reach places sooner than you want through planes but there are superfast trains too in India that are absolutely game changing.

In India, people use public means of transportation for everything. Indian railways have always been choice of passengers. Even today, you can find people preferring trains to other means of transportation. Whether train food service, tickets, tracking or any other inquiry factor in trains; everything is there in Indian railways. There are reasons that trains rule in the hearts of passengers and some of these reasons are as under:


The railway transport is organized in a great manner than any other mode of transportation. The trains have fixed routes and fixed schedules. The railway service is much certain, unchanging and steady as compared to any other modes of transportation.


The most outstanding thing about the railway transport is that it is the most reliable mean of transportation.  It is simply because it is the least influenced by weather conditions such as rains and so on whereas other means of transportation do get affected by diverse climate conditions right away.

Inexpensive mode of transport

It is a fact that railways are a cheaper mode of transport in case you compare it to any other modes of transport. Most of the working expenses of railways are in the form of fixed prices. Every increase in the railway traffic is trailed by a discount in the average cost. The point is that the outer conditions in the world do not make any effect on the railway costs. For example, when the festive seasons are there you might find a huge jump in the price of air tickets but that is not the case with train tickets. No matter you want to go to another city in the same state or you wish to go to another corner of the country; you can easily get a ticket within your budget.Even if you are going with your entire family of five members, you would end up with an affordable rate. But in air tickets, a single ticket hampers the pocket like anything.

 Long distance and speed

The speed of trains on long distances is much more than any other mode of transport, except the airways. Thus, it is apparently the premium choice for long distance traffic. Everybody cannot afford to go by planes but trains always fall in a reasonable budget.

A high degree of safety

Railway is the safest mean of transport. The chances of any kind of accidents and failures of railways are extremely squat as compared to other means of transportation. Similarly, the traffic can easily be guarded from the exposure to snow, sun, rains and so on.  Certainly road accidents are common on Indian roads but trains are rarely met with an accident.

Thus, IndianRailways has always been and will continue to rule the hearts of Indians!


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