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What is the shape of my Face?

What is the Best hairstyle for Men?

Men always want to dress trendy and look dashing with the better hairstyle. A great hairstyle can turn an average looking man into a stylish character. Every great hairstyle begins with the trendy haircut. But a haircut also depends on the head shape and also the face, whether it will suit your personality or not. Here is a quick guide which you can follow to become stylish like never before.

This is the most fundamental question, you need to ask yourself before going for any trendy haircut. This question will clear your many doubts “whether it will suit my face or not? “ You can easily find out your head shape by following some simple steps:-

  1. Requirements-In order to look yourself you will need a Mirror, a comb to brush your hair and a bar of soap to wash your hair
  2. Step1 – Try to comb your hair back and forth and hold at one place
  3. Step2 – Use the bar soap and trace the lining of your hair in front of the mirror.
  4. Step3- You can easily draw the results from the mirror, regarding the shape of your head.

Once you have learnt about the shape of your head, now you can easily know which hairstyle will be better for you. Also, keep in mind about the shape of your face which is the deciding factor that which haircut you should go about.

  1. SQUARE FACE-People with square face have wide jaw lines and elongated cheekbones, so it is recommended to keep the sides short and hair above the ears. For your facial beard, you can go for a long beard it will probablylengthen your square jaw. You should go for a side parting or a modern messy pompadour.
  1. TRIANGLE FACE SHAPED- A triangular head shaped person has thinner cheekbones and the temple area \extends to the wider You should add much amount of volume of hair on your head and also grow your hair longer to balance your jaw.Moreover, thick beards can be helpful to disguishing the angles of your jawline. Try to make your forehead look thick with some volume of hair, which will reduce the jawline. Go for textured pompadour hair cut with some curls at top of your head and quiffs are all great options to suit your triangular shaped face.
  1. DIAMOND FACED SHAPE- People with diamond faced shape has their main face lengthy with a pointy chin. Try to soften your angular feature with a layered haircut and try to grow your hair out such that it supports your long bone structure. A messy fringe or wavy side parting will balance your forehead and remember not to do to shorts on sides.
  1. OVAL FACED SHAPE- In case of oval-shaped face your face is actually longer and forehead is wider than your jawline.You should create some volume on your head which will highlight your face in a better way and also stay away from fringes which will make your face round. Shorter haircuts is best suited for your personality and try to do side-parting, this will make you look stylish and trendy.
  1. ROUND FACED SHAPE – If you have a round shaped face, go for a haircut which will make your face look longer and a swip with a side fringe that helps to broaden your jaws. Atrimmed side will make you look sharper and more masculine. Try to spike up your hair which will elongate your round face. Go for side partings with a short side and french way of cropping your hair with some messy fringes will make you look trendy.
  1. OBLONG SHAPED FACE- A person having oblong faced shape is considered to be one of the well-balanced face shapes as everything starting from the jawline to cheekbonesare proportionate. Avoid long beards and don’t choose any hairstyle which will make your face pretty much elongated. Side parting with a stumble will make you look dashing and handsome.

These are some of the main shapes of the head which will give you a little bit of idea for which head shapes what kind of haircut you need to go; so that you look smart and handsome. Also, catch hold of an expert hair barber who can tell you more which will suit you the most. I hope this blog has helped you to understand a few things about the hairstyles and haircut.


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