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What Is the Real Meaning of Throwing the Bouquet at the Wedding?

Weddings are certainly entertaining events, mostly because of the nice event, partly because of the party, but also because of the entertaining customs. Visit our store today if you want to buy something nice for your partner and surprise them before the wedding.

The bride needs to wear a white dress, cannot wear pearls that bet because they bring unhappiness in marriage, do not let the groom see the bride in her wedding dress, wear something blue, something borrowed, something old, something new … there is no time to just name all customs because there are a lot.

However, one of the most popular and most beloved traditions is certainly throwing the bouquet. This custom was accepted in almost every country around the world. Great attention is paid to the choice of the floral bouquet, and to many ladies this is a their favorite part of the preparation.

However, where does this tradition come from?

The story is this: in medieval England, the wedding dresses were not quite as expensive as they are now. It was considered also that the wedding dress brings happiness to unmarried girls, which is why all the unmarried guests practically ripped off the dress of the bride so that they can get married soon.

However, the wedding dresses started to become more and more expensive every year, which is why many brides wanted to preserve it for their daughter or as a loving memory, and they needed to prevent guests to tear the dress up. Therefore, as a distraction they began to throw other objects – such as the garters.

Then it turned out that neither the garters are not the most practical item, because sometimes impatient girls hurried to take it off while it was still on the bride. Therefore, the garter was replaced with a bouquet –the bride will not be able to keep the bouquet for a longer period of time, because flowers do not last forever, and the symbolism of the flowers is very beautiful as flowers signify fertility in almost all cultures.

However, even this custom is becoming a little outdated, because some girls do not want to get married, while others feel embarrassed to reach the bouquet, worrying that people might think that they are doing that out of desperation. But sometimes the problem is that young people who want to catch the bouquet, will literally fight for the bouquet because they want to be the next ones who will get married. And all of this just ruins the beautiful tradition about wedding bouquets. This is the reason why some brides decide not to throw

the bouquet but to give a small piece of the bouquet to every single person who is interested in getting married. It is a nice and interesting tradition, but if you think that your guests will not behave properly, maybe you should not be doing that.


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