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What Is The Need Of American ESTA For Travelling To The U.S?

People traveling to the United States of America under the VWP or Visa Waiver Program like business officials and holidaymakers require the American ESTA for entering the country. ESTA or the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation serves in the form of an automated system determining a visitor’s eligibility to travel to the States.

Applying For ESTA

ESTA is governed by the Department of Homeland Security’s Custom and Border Protection Service. However, for tourists and business officials it is important to understand that ESTA is in no ways a determinant of whether a traveller is allowed entry into the United States. The admissibility of a traveller into the country is determined by the United States Customs and Border Protection officials once the traveller arrives into the country.

ESTA application generally contains answers to the Visa Waiver Program eligibility questions and the biographic information of the traveller. Travellers need to submit their applications before travelling to the United States. However, it is suggested that individuals interested in travelling to the US should apply for American ESTA as soon as they start with their travel plans or purchase their airline tickets.

About VWP

Generally, travellers to the United States require a visa for their travel but VWP gives them the flexibility of entering the country without visa. The qualifying requirements for VWP include visiting the country for not more than 90 days in the form of a non-immigrant traveller either for pleasure or for business. This program came into being in the year 1986 in the form of a pilot program gaining permanency in the year 2000. The individuals travelling to the United States under this program should be the nationals of any one of the 35 countries participating in this program.

Important Points To Consider For ESTA Qualification

US ESTA holds a validity of 2 years and it can be used for several entries into the country during this time span. However, there are some important points that need to be considered when it comes to qualifying for ESTA and they are as follows:

  • Travellers to the States with ESTA should also have a passport that is valid for six months.
  • The purpose of a traveller’s stay in the US must not exceed 90 days and it should purely for tourism or for business.
  • Travellers arriving by sea or air should have a valid return ticket.
  • It is also important for travellers to have the ability to show that the purpose of stay in the country is not more than 90 days and they have sufficient money for supporting themselves during their stay.
  • Travellers should also prove that they are in no ways a safety threat to the country and do not have any previous admission policy discrepancies.

Finally, travellers to the US need to waive their right to proceedings in front of an immigration attorney.

Getting an American ESTA is not a problem at all provided you are able to meet the eligibility requirements properly.



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