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What Is Fashion? What Are The Different Types Of Fashionable Clothing’s That Are Worn By The Muslim People?

What is fashion?

  1. Fashion is an art that helps people to enhance their external as well as internal beauty.
  2. Being fashionable does not mean that a person has to wear funky, branded and expensive clothes.
  3. Being fashionable means wearing neat and tidy clothes that will enhance the internal and external beauty of yours. There are so many items that will make you look fashionable such as accessories, clothes, shoes etc.

What are the advantages of being fashionable? There are so many advantages to being fashionable. Some of the advantages are mentioned below:

  1. Fashion is an art that will make you look beautiful. Different type of fashionable items will help you to enhance the external and internal beauty of yours.
  2. Fashion helps out people to gain confidence level. If someone will compliment you then definitely your confidence level will increase.

These are some of the advantages of being fashionable. All cultures and religions have different types of clothing. Some of the fashionable clothing’s that are worn by the women of Muslim and Islamic culture are mentioned below:

Kaftans: This is a type of Muslim cloth that was worn by the people during the Mughal Empire and is worn till now.

  1. This is a long dress that can be worn by women as well as men to cover themselves fully and to prevent their bodies from extreme cold weather.
  2. This is a robe-like dress which is very warm and hot that gives a person full protection from cold weather.
  3. Nowadays, these types of dresses are worn by people just to look fashionable but in olden times these types of dresses were worn to give respect to the religion and culture. People can easily have these dresses online.

Abayas: Abayas are the dresses that are worn by the women of Muslim culture to show respect to their culture and is worn by women in presence of male members near them.

  1. This is a long maxi type dress that the women wear if a male member is present near them.
  2. This is a dress that covers full body of the women except for the face, hands, feet, and head. This is a type of dress which is similar to a Burkha. People can buy Abayas online also at cheap rates.

Ombres: Ombres is also a Muslim wear dress that is worn by the women on their heads to cover their heads fully.

  1. This is a dress that is similar to a hijab. Women wear this cloth on their heads during the time of Muslim prayers whereas the men wear a cap and women wear this ombre on their heads.
  2. This is the cloth that fully covers the head and can be used by women during prayer time and also at the time of male member present near them.

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