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What Is Bespoke Shaker Furniture?

In the 18th century, a sect of Quakers arose in England. These Quakers were known for their ecstatic religious celebrations; thus, they became known as the Shaking Quakers. Eventually, they were known as just the Shakers. In England and in the United States, Shakers began to set up communities that were largely self-sufficient and removed from general society. They believed in very strict religious convictions that translated even to their furniture. They worked diligently to avoid pride and boastfulness. That means they avoided ornamentation and decoration even in their furniture. They built their furniture with simple, clean lines and rugged functionality. The minimalism of their designs grew in popularity until it became some of the most popular furniture around the world. It is still popular to furnish a home with shaker style furniture nowadays.

Wardrobes and Cabinets

You can often find custom furniture in Leeds built in the Shaker style. That means a few things about the way the furniture is constructed. Shaker wardrobes and cabinets will likely be built in simple shapes. They are often rectangular or square; however, some wardrobes are actually curved. Curved wardrobes have become even more popular lately; they have to be custom designed to fit into your space. If you want a custom wardrobe, you need to call a team of professionals to help you design it.

The Shaker style extends to more than just the shape. The style will be minimalist, meaning there won’t be much decoration or ornamentation. In the traditional construction style, the drawer pulls and door handles are made of wood as well. The self-expression and visual appeal comes from the choice of stains. They are typically stained a shade of red, white, or grey. Also, asymmetric construction adds visual appeal. The drawers might be offset or different sizes to create some variation.


Shaker chairs are some of their most popular contributions to home furnishings. Their rocking chairs are especially popular. You have likely seen them and not even realised that they were made in a distinctive style. That style is a high-backed rocking chair with a back that extends all the way to the floor. The chairs are typically built of cherry, maple, or pine; modern chairs are made of many different materials. They are stained a rich colour and then sealed with a finish.

The seat of the chair, and possibly the back, are typically made out of a cotton weave. The weave is very strong. The weave is often known as Shaker tape because of its distinctive style. They are sometimes made out of a wicker weave instead.

These are some of the most common types of custom furniture, and many people choose them for their home furnishings because they are simple and attractive. If you want custom furniture, you should get in touch with a supplier right away.


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