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What does your wardrobe say about you?

Your clothes make a million statements without you knowing about it. We help you decode the whispers.

If you thought that your manner of speech and overall attitude were the only indicators of your personality, think again. There’s one more important element you haven’t yet considered, and it’s talking about you all the time. Here’s a hint: it’s in your closet.

Your wardrobe and clothing choices say a lot of about you, how you approach life and what you think about yourself and the world at large. This applies not just to women’s clothes but also to men’s clothing. Sounds intriguing but untrue? Read on.

Your wardrobe is whispering things about you…

Do any of these statements apply to you?

* I never have anything to wear…but my closet is full of clothes!

If you’re often heard saying this, it simply means that you are a frequent shopper lacks coordination in their choices. Though all of us want to have the newest women’s clothesin our closets, there must be a few ‘anchor’ pieces that you can wear. Think pencil skirts, fitted pants, floral print dresses and Anarkali suits – these are worn in every season, and are suitable for most occasions.

* I tend to favour a certain colour over others.

This is a recurring trend in most women’s clothes shoppers: the tendency to pick pieces in a single colour or hues of that colour. For instance, if you like the colour blue, you are likely to gravitate towards women’s clothes in that colour, be it navy blue or indigo or even a deep blue. Whether it’s a dress or a top, a saree or a pantsuit, you will favour blue over other colours. This shows an organised mind that values a good appearance.

* I preserve the packaging that the clothes came in.

There are some women who preserve the original packaging that their purchased women’s clothes came in. It might seem inexplicable to a lot of people, but you do this because you value the shopping experience and are a careful shopper. Besides, you like the positive mental association with the packaging every time you see it – you’re a bit of a dreamer who places a high premium on good memories.

* I organise my clothes by type.

Most women would love to have your closet – because finding anything in it is so easy! You organise it as per clothing type, so your time is never wasted in a futile search for pants to go with your blouse, or a specific dress. You are also likely to be dressed in the perfect accessories and shoes to match. Your closet shows a rigid and organised mind that does not like change.

* I give away last season’s clothes.

To many, this kind of woman might seem flippant because she is always nixing her wardrobe every few months. But there’s another side to you: you are generous enough to part with your relatively new clothing, since you favour only the latest trends. It shows a kind heard with a flair for fashion and looking well put together always.


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