What are your rights and obligations as a driver?

Can you as a driver request a payment from the state or the city in case you hit a hole with your car? Yes, of course, you can request it. Every city is responsible for keeping the roads in a good and perfect condition and if you experience a problem and hit in a hole you can sue the city and ask for a payment. It is even worse if the car gets damaged. The city will be obliged to fix the part of the car that got damaged and plus pay you for the stress that it caused you. Jeffrey Criminal Lawyer is a law firm that handles all kinds of criminal cases making sure that the truth is always revealed.

Unmarked holes on the road, non-existent or incorrectly installed traffic signals, ice on the roadway on which the driver is not warned for, even a collision with a larger animal on the highway, as the cause of the accident – are reason enough for a lawsuit. Owners of damaged cars have the right to file a lawsuit and ask for all the damages to be fixed. Everyone must take responsibility and people need to learn that they have rights and they must ask for the things that are entitled to them.

In cases where the driver damaged his vehicle while encountering hole in the road, the action for damages is exactly the same as in the cases when the accident occurred otherwise. So, the police will perform an investigation and note the minutes of the accident. Then the police will write a report and give it to the competent individuals. The next step in the procedure is for the driver to determine who was responsible for the accident on the road where the accident occurred.

It will be much easier when people know their rights and know exactly what to do in these situations. Many people are afraid to do that because they think that this will only bring them trouble. No, it won’t bring you trouble. As a citizen, you have all the right to complain about the problems in your city and it is their duty to fix them the next day.

Even if your car was not damaged, still, you have a right to complain about holes or broken lights or anything that is preventing you from becoming a good driver. It won’t be your mistake if you hit a hole or an object that are located on the path. If it is necessary, you should take the case to court and give your opinion there. You are not doing anything wrong. In fact, every normal citizen should do the same and react when there is something wrong on the road or anywhere else in the city. As soon as you notice a problem make sure you report it with the competent authorities.

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