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What Are The Popular Solutions Of Dies For Hot Foiling?

Hot foiling has currently gained a great fame as one of the most updated and advanced printing procedures. This kind of printing technique is now getting highly supported by means of specialised dies. Only custom-made dies for hot foiling are now getting used not only for dealing with printing purpose but also for satisfying embossing need.

Dies of different materials are now getting used for complimenting the process of hot foiling. Some popular options in this respect are brass, magnesium, copper, and others. Only durable metallic dies can play a great role in hot foiling. Only highly experienced and well trained staff have got the capability of making optimum utilisation of these dies.

Popular varieties of hot-foiling dies:

  • Magnesium dies: Textured embossing finishes can be now definitely expected from magnesium made dies for hot foiling. Since these dies are lightweight in nature, therefore, they can be used easily and conveniently without any kind of hassles. Exquisite images can be now produced with the use of these innovative dies.
  • Copper dies: Detailed hot foiling is now very much possible with these exclusive dies. In most of the cases, these dies are treated as security dies. These dies are being predominantly featured with registration-consistency along with acute durability. Intricate or close-up detailing can be efficiently done with copper-dies. Long-lasting nature and highest heat-retention capacity have made these much more efficient. Multiple number of impressions can be easily created with these dies.
  • Fluted dies: Rigid counter force equipped with a great flexibility can be experienced in this case. These dies are extremely eco friendly in nature and this is why they have got the widest usage. Embossing together with foiling can be easily completed at one shot if you use these outstanding dies. These dies are currently available in varied sizes and thus the requisite ones can be chosen with great ease.
  • Brass dies: Heat can be excellently retained by these high end dies. On the other hand, de-bossing and multi-level embossing can be now easily attended by means of these improved dies. High-definition finishing can be received if these dies are being used for embossing. All sorts of foil-stamping related applications can be easily performed with these dies. Print-jobs in the long-run can be performed with great convenience by using these dies.
  • Deep-etched dies: Image-quality can be improved by using these innovative dies. Debossing along with hot-foiling can be efficiently performed by these exclusive dies. In most of the cases, these dies are getting used by stationers or bookbinders. Clear impressions can be created as a result of which the purposes will get thoroughly satisfied. Either soft or thick substrates are being used in this regard.

The embossing-expert has got the fullest right to choose the right kind of dies for hot foiling in accordance with the embossing method and requirement. High-quality CNC-devices are being used for making dies of different kinds. Extremely polished and high-end dies are needed for making the purposes of hot-foiling fulfilled in the most effective manner. Dies of different kinds are now getting available online. In this case, best die-maker needs to be chosen.


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