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What are the consequences of overprotecting children?

The overprotection in children is a way to educate wrong, well you only have negative consequences. The desire of any parent is that their children are happy and that they do not suffer, that they do not go through events that the parents could have gone through in their childhood and do not want their children to repeat them. But you have to know that suffering or struggling in life does not mean being unhappy, and not suffering does not mean absolute happiness. That’s why, from tapedaily.com, we want to explain what are the consequences of overprotecting children.

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 Steps to follow:


Under the concept of itself. If you are always prevented from being able to face situations on your own, you will never be able to know what you are capable of doing.


Problems in social skills. They become shy, withdrawn. They are afraid to act for themselves in case something bad happens to them and they prefer to avoid situations of confrontation or possible problems with others.


Difficulties in making decisions for themselves. They do not know what it is to decide on their own, because mom or dad have always done it for them. What is better than for themselves? The child who has been overprotected becomes indecisive, hesitant. Even decisions that for other people can be very simple, for them it becomes a source of intense anguish.


The greatest consequence of overprotection is insecurity. They become insecure children and adults, they feel unable to do anything by themselves, having low self-esteem for not having the opportunity to achieve their own achievements.

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Search for security in the other. They will rely on others to make decisions for them, because they are used to that. They seek protection in the other giving rise to harmful relationships for them having emotional dependence.


Negative thoughts about life and themselves. This causes them to leave the proposed things soon, giving up quickly, the first obstacle is no longer worth continuing for fear of making mistakes. They can even avoid trying to avoid failure.


Complicated relationships with parents. As they grow and understand the world around them, they can feel anger towards them, blame them for the frustration they feel at being unable to do anything for themselves.


They blame others for their problems. The anger they feel makes them blame others for everything that happens to them without allowing them to focus on themselves and what they can and are able to do to improve and feel better.


Depression. When they reach adolescence or adulthood they can manifest depression because of their low self-esteem, their low self-concept and not being able to solve problems on their own.


Learned helplessness. Sensation of being able to control the events that happen to him, surely due to negative experiences in his life, the sensation that what he does will change nothing. All this will lead you to not knowing what to do with your life feeling worse and worse.

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Article Source: Tape Daily


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