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What Are Some Ways of Lowering the Electric Bill?

None of us likes to see that power bill come in, and they do tend to climb higher in price every single year, right? Well, one way to turn that around, is by being wise enough to do things around the home, which can have an effect on the bill and reverse the trend. Let’s take a peek at some of them:

1 – Try unplugging appliances when they’re not in use: If you really don’t make toast that often, why keepit plugged in? And the very same goes for laptop andcell phone charger plugs, etc. Whatever doesn’t need any power, just unplug it.

2 –Cooking with lids on: This helps any food to cook even faster, and not waste more power with any unnecessary heat escaping. If your oven is faulty, contact the specialists in oven repair in Solihull, for the best results.

3 – Close doors: So obvious, but the amount of heat or air which is lost when talking to someone when the door is left open, will soon ramp up your power bill and especially during the colder months.

4 – Make good use of sleep mode: make sure that your computer and other hardware can go into sleep mode automatically or turn off when not being used.

5 –Get a new fridge: The older types of refrigerator are notorious for moving your electric meter and you will start saving money by replacing it with a new one, which will then pay for itself.

6 – During the warmer months, try keeping blinds or curtains closed: The sun will soon heat up any room when blinds or curtains are left open.

7 –Insulate your water heater: Just adding a little insulation can make great savings and more so if you add extra. Fridges and water heater are the biggest users of energy in our homes.

8 – Ever tried washing clothes on a cold cycle? When you add hot water with anything, your water heater is busy working out!

9 – Food thawing: Take food from the freezer well in advance as this will not only save time, but also help cut back on the amount of heat it will take cook it.

10 –Clean your windows: During the cooler and colder months, let in as much solar light as possible to heat up your home.

11 –Reduce microwave use: If you can eat healthier real food such as salads, fruits, and vegetables, you will be in better shape and using less energy to cook.

12 –Turn off the lights: If you’re leaving a room, just turn off the lights!

13 – Cut back on TV: This is especially true for those of you out there with children, as TV viewing is not only a waste of energy, but our children need to concentrate on other activities anyway.

Try doing some of the above (All would be better!) and watch that bill go down!


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