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What are veneers? Every time we see a celebrity go out on television or in a magazine wearing a perfect smile that stands out because of the exaggerated white color of the teeth, it is possibly dental veneers. And it is not gold everything shines, and much less in this case. Few people, have teeth so white and perfect naturally.

What are aesthetic veneers? Meet the celebrity system to smile at the camera

The secret is aesthetic veneers, a kind of porcelain prosthesis that are placed on the teeth and give it this ideal shape. If you have ever thought about placing this dental system this post is for you. We will detail what aesthetic veneers are , how they work and what their advantages are. In short, we are going to tell you why actresses, celebrities and models use this system to show off a perfect smile.

If you want a detailed explanation of the subject, we recommend that you visit this previous article called dental veneers where we relate a complete text of the operation and the history of the veneers. As a result of the exhaustive study of the subject, in today’s text we will focus on the advantages, operation and what they consist of without entering into their origin, manipulation or classification of the porcelains since it is specified in the previous text where it is spoken more deeply of the matter.

Before we mentioned that the aesthetic veneers are a class of thin sheets placed in a fixed and cemented on the outside of the teeth. This coating is quite superficial and helps to improve the smile since they cover the original teeth of stains, in addition to reconfiguring the smile according to the type of veneer.

The first thing we should know about veneers is that it is an aesthetic operation and is not mandatory, although it is undoubtedly one of the best ways to correct and shape the mouth thanks to its customization possibilities. The key is that the veneers are configured with the rest of the face to achieve a harmonious and balanced effect on the whole of the face.

What are the advantages of aesthetic veneers?

The veneers are a modern and aesthetic system that improve certain aspects of the so-called dental aesthetics, in addition to repairing certain aspects of the teeth such as correcting the size, changing the color (teeth whitening), improving the anatomical shape and distributing the dental form by changing the set of teeth.

This change is to change part of the enamel in the previous sections and extend them to the premolar areas. It is ideal for dark or stained teeth, badly placed, broken or fractured. But they can also be adopted as a solution to cover interdental spaces as well as the superposition of small placements.

The benefits of placement of this system are the following:

  • Increase the color to achieve our ideal target.
  • Improve the shape, position and overall appearance of our teeth.
  • Reflect natural light, and look whiter thanks to the ceramic composition of the veneers.
  • They are a minimally invasive treatment and respect the nature and rest of the gingival tissues to be fully compatible with them.
  • Reinforce the patient’s self-esteem by improving their physical appearance.
  • It is a respectful treatment with the patient, not very painful, and best of all, fast and effective.

However, we must consider certain aspects because despite its durability and advantages, its placement implies the demolition of them in an extreme case to remove them in the future. Fortunately, it’s placement does not usually have side effects and it is rare that people want to get rid of them thanks to their positive points.

Another problem is its installation as they are thin, fragile pieces and must be handled carefully to avoid breakage. In addition, the piece to be placed must be cut precisely to avoid excess contours and the complete removal of the enamel.

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What are the functions of aesthetic veneers?

Once we know all its advantages and what aesthetic veneers are, we are  going to talk about its operation and materials. Apart from the undeniable aesthetic effect there is no doubt that the veneers have the advantage of performing the following functions:

  • Correct certain anatomical disorders such as diastema, small teeth, teeth that have cracks or are fractured in a mild way.
  • Covering previous restorations in poor condition that left the tooth exposed and in incorrect aesthetic and functional conditions.
  • Form a smile and improve the overall aesthetic set.

Depending on the material and the treatment, there are two types of aesthetic veneers. Porcelain and resin or composite. The latter are formed by two filling and organic components that give the strength and hardness to join and place the resin. On the other hand, porcelain tiles are made of a highly resistant ceramic composed of potassium and aluminum feldspar.

The advantages of the resin is that its processing takes less time than ceramic . They can be done in a single visit, so they are ideal, for example, in case of an accident on the same day. In addition, they cost less than porcelain. Of course, the porcelain are more expensive, but more resistant and perfectly hold the stains of tobacco, tea, wine and other drinks and food.

As if that were not enough, the ceramic have other benefits such as giving a natural appearance of the tooth to return the natural shine and be chemically inert, which prevents damage to the denture. Resist well the compression and bites and hold well the spots and the passage of time.

In any case it is necessary to have a dental expert to carry out the process of installing the veneers, since, in addition to being a delicate process, it is mandatory to have special equipment, in addition to the assistance of a laboratory and ceramist. On the other hand, it is advisable to carry out a preliminary diagnostic study to know how we are going to stay. And in the case of placing the ceramics get the final effect so that the patient has exactly what you are looking for, a perfect white smile, but natural and of course, practical.

We hope we have clarified the issue of aesthetic veneers, in case you need to consult another oral topic or you plant the possibility of placing some dental veneers, do not forget to visit our dental clinic in Dubai. We will be happy to assist you.



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