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What a Student Should Look in a Property Before Renting It?


There were many apartments available at an affordable price for Mala when she stepped in Gurgaon to pursue her higher education. But because a girls PG in Gurgaon was located near her college, she decided to choose that and leave behind the amenities of the apartments.

The needs of an ordinary tenant are different from a tenant who happens to be a student. Though every student living in a rented place has a different need but they should not rent any place before checking the followings.

  1. Location

The students not only want their rented apartment to be near to their college or coaching institute but also to supermarkets, cafes and restaurants where they can hang out easily. Also, they want a PG or rented apartment which has a good connectivity through public transport. This is the reason that the rented apartments which are situated in the middle of the market usually get the highest number of tenants.

  1. A Rent Which Is Affordable

The second important factor is the rent. Being students, they always face a money crunch. In order to pay the rent, college fees, buy course books and also lead a ‘good’ life in other cities, they have to manage in the money their parents send them. Therefore, many students opt for one room set or a shared apartment in order to pay a lower rent.

  1. Privacy

The students often face the problems related to privacy. They are bugged up by the frequent landlord visits, maids or the cleaning staff, different hawkers, etc. Thus, it is necessary to fix a time for all these folks in order to concentrate and focus on your academics. Privacy is another reason why Mala decided to stay in a girls PG in Gurgaon, because here outsiders are not allowed after a certain time. Thus, mentioning that these hostels and rented places are no less than blessings for the students won’t be untrue.

  1. A Decent Décor

Remember that you are outside of your city for the purpose of education. If you are looking for flats in a building that offers you various amenities, you, as a student, will end up paying a very high rent. Therefore, look for flats or hostel with decent décor, clean and hygienic mess and necessary furnishing such as a bed, a study table, wardrobe, etc. 

  1. Security

Last but not the least, the security plays a very crucial role in finalizing a place to live. Look for a place that is secured and has a proper security system in place. Let not any threat to your security become a barrier in your academic performance.

Keep in mind all the aforementioned points before looking for a place to rent in order to keep all the troubles of staying in it at bay.


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