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Unique Dog Names for Your Male Dogs

Male Dog Names are extremely difficult to select. Whether it’s a cute name or a boyish moniker that you want for your dog, choosing from among a huge pool of names can be a real daunting task. But we are here to help you with this fix. Check out these twenty amazing names for your dog that are unique in some way or the other, which your pet will profoundly love-

  1. Max-So, there is an element of ‘max’ associated with everything about your dog. The love you offer him is ‘max’; the love it showers on you is ‘max’. When it gets sad and looks at you with those drooping eyes, your heart melts to the ‘max’ point and then when he is happy, he is happy to the ‘max’ limit. Since there is so much of max associated with your relationship with your dog, the name ‘max’ fits perfectly.
  2. Charlie- Charlie is a dog name that is for a breed that looks pretty jolly all the time. If your dog seems to be rejoicing at all times, without any valid reason, then you would probably love to call it Charlie. Besides, just see how adorable the name ‘Charlie’ sounds. It is one of those names dog owners fondly go for.
  3. Buddy- Now, this one simply steals the show. Can there be a better way to describe a dog? Perhaps not! Yes, your dog is your friend, your companion and soul mate, when your faith in human beings has diminished. It is your partner in good as well as bad times. And that is probably the reason why the name ‘Buddy’ suits a dog so perfectly.
  4. Cooper- This is a cute name. And not a lot of people have dogs by the name Cooper. Despite, the fact that this name is so uncommon, it has an uncanny charm that no one can really overlook. Besides, it’s fun to kind of pronounce this name. What say!
  5. Jack- If you want to humanise your dog’s name then call him Jack. Jack is probably one of the most favourite human names in western countries. Irrespective of that, this is a great dog name. If you want to call your dog by a human name then ‘Jack’ is certainly a unique choice.
  6. Rock- This is a cool dog name. This is for dogs that are strong and well built. But yes, you can also choose to call your Pomeranian by this name. Also, for your dog’s rock-solid loyalty towards you, the name ‘Rock’ is simply perfect.
  7. Toby- Although an excessively cute name, it’s not just for cute dog breeds. Even larger species of dogs can be called Toby. Toby is a short name and easy to pronounce. It’s so easy, even toddlers at your home will be able to call your dog by its name.
  8. Duke- In British and certain other peerages, Duke is a man who holds the top-most hereditary title. So, there is a kind of respect and honour associated with this name. If you respect your dog apart from loving him, then calling him by this name would be the best bet.
  9. Bear – You might be wondering why call a dog, bear. Well, as soon as you hear the word bear, your heart kind of melts. Bears are cuddly and cute by nature. And that is probably the reason why teddy bears are so popular. If your dog has a rounded body, with a lot of hair, you can choose to call it Bear.
  10. Tucker – Does your dog love binging on biscuits and meat and other delicious food items? If yes, then you can fondly call him Tucker. Tucker is an informal way of denoting food. Hence, this name is simply perfect for your foody dog.
  11. Oliver- Oliver is a trendy name. Despite the fact that it’s pretty old, and both humans and other pets take this name, your dog will love you for having christened him with the name Oliver. There is a kind of charm associated with this name, after all.
  12. Ziggy- Want an extremely stylish name for your dog buddy? Well, why not pick Ziggy? Ziggy is a name that people will remember fast and will never forget. It’s a nice name for a nicer dog!
  13. Bentley- How many times have you seen a dog being called Bentley? More often than not, it’s a human that is called by this name. But if you love your dog and you want to give it a name that will remind you of humans, then Bentley is the option to go for.
  14. Teddy- Oh! This is the cutest name one can ever give a dog. This is perfect for those cuddly dogs that make humans go weak on their knees with their adorable looks. If you love rolling over on your bed with your dog, then Teddy is the name for him.
  15. Riley – This is a pretty unique name. Although it has got a touch of feminineness, it is perfect for dogs. The name Riley slips through your tongue like butter. You would love calling your lovely dog Riley. And guess what? Your neighbours having dogs named Tommy will be jealous of you.
  16. Milo- This is another interesting name for dogs that you can go for. Its charm lies in its being short and simple.
  17. Bailey- Bailey is also a name close to dog owners’ heart. Dogs with a quiet and gentle personality can be given this name for utmost suitability.
  18. Buster- This is one of those rocking and happening names you must go for if your dog has a vibrant personality with a lot of energy and vigour. Your buster will break the monotony in your life by its charming personality.
  19. Dexter- This is again a popular yet extremely unique name, perfect for those dogs that are dexterous by all means.
  20. Leo- If your dog has the courage of a lion. And looks as strong as a lion does, then Leo is the name for him.

Aren’t these names really fantastic? So, what makes you wait? Pick one of them and christen the new pawed member of your family with it, for some fun.


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