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Top-Selling Postpaid Plans Listed

Buying a new postpaid plan or porting to postpaid connections can open you up to a lot more benefits. There are absolutely amazing plans that the top telecom companies are offering and these are loaded with exclusive benefits.

If you are trying to figure out which Airtel Postpaid Plans will fit the best to your needs, we are right here to help you. Depending on what you need from your connection, pick any of the plans that fits to your requirements.

  1. Affordable plans

If your data and voice usage are average then there is a good list of affordable plans available with top TSPs like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea. With unlimited voice calling you can get the benefit of 20 GB data with these super saver packages. A perfect fit for all your regular data needs. Pick up from the best plans from the top TSPs at just Rs.399.

Here is what you get:

  1.  Some extra data than the usual

We all love to get a little extra, especially when it is about data. There is just so much that you can do with internet these days. To make sure that you have enough data every time you go out, choose a postpaid plan that gives you extra internet. You can pick from 40 GB plans to 75 GB plans each of which are pretty cost effective. There are many more options for different data packs available at www.10digi.com. You should opt for these plans if the basic plans do not fit to your requirements completely. Paying just a little extra, you can get a bundle of benefits like extra data every month, Wynk music, Live TV, handset protection, data rollover, zero deposit and what not (depending on the network you choose).

Here are the plans with extra data:

  1. Super data plans

If your per day data needs are more than just the average then you must consider getting a higher data plan. Having internet access on your phone allows you to use data on the go. You can easily pair other devices with your phone and use your internet whenever and wherever you want. Such plans are the best for corporates/entrepreneurs who keep travelling for work and for students who can easily get all their study material online. Such heavy data plans range from 1000 to 3000 giving internet from 90 GB to 300 GB. Choose from the plans mentioned on the website and compare the plans to get the best one.

  1. Additional benefits

Another criteria to select the best Vodafone Postpaid Plans can be the additional benefits that comes with it. If you opt for a postpaid connection, you don’t just get data and unlimited voice calls but also a lot of other added benefits. If you wish that your network provider should provide services like Netflix subscription, Wynk music, Aviva insurance and other such benefits, then you should definitely consider postpaid connections.

There can be multiple criteria for selecting the Idea Postpaid Plans that fits the best to your needs. If you wish to compare the plans of top telecom companies with each other, log on to the website (www.10digi.com). You can have a comparative analysis of the top plans and the benefits that each of these offer.

Buying SIM online is the most effective way. You don’t have to visit a physical store, nor do you have to wait in long queues. When you order a SIM online at 10digi.com, the SIM gets delivered at home in 2 hours without any delivery charges.

To get more info send an email to support@10digi.com or give a missed call at +918010331033.


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