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Top 6 Indian Sweets That Is Loved By All

Sweets are an important part of any tradition or culture. Happiness is often welcomes with sweets, any good news is shared with a bunch of sweets, festivals and celebrations all call for sweets. For many people, a meal remains incomplete until and unless it is filled by sweets.

Learning the importance of sweets in our country, one can probably understand that we have a variety of sweets. Each and every state has its own speciality that is loved by all the local people over there. But apart from local sweets, there are some sweets which have gained so much popularity that it is widely consumed all over the country.

In today’s article, I am enlisting top 6 sweets that is love d by all and we all love to gorge on them

  1. Gulabjamun- now the name of this very sweet dish sound very unique. Gulabjamun is a sweet dish which is like a ball dipped in sugar syrup. The sugar syrup and the gulabjamun both are flavoured mildly which makes it a perfect sweet dish. You could find gulabjamun recipe in hindivery easily over the internet.
  2. Mysore pak– this too is a much loved sweet dish from the South India. This dish has a saffron colour to it which looks very appealing. Preparing this at home is no joke until you consider yourself a gourmet chef. The subtle taste of ghee in the dish makes it irresistible.
  3. Rasmalai– the meaning of malai is cream. Rasmalai happens to be one of my favourites. The doish seems to be filled with small balls which look similar to gulabjaun, only they are off white or saffron in colour. The dish has a touch of kesar that lends the saffron colour making it look delicious.
  4. Jalebi– this is undoubtedly every Indian’s favourite sweet dish. People often love to have it with light snacks or breakfast. If I were to describe how a jalebi looks like, I would probably call in an entangled mess loaded with sugar syrup. There are a number of sweet shops and stall that sell jalebis. It is a very common and loved sweet dish.
  5. Gajarkahalwa– gajarkahalwa needs to introduction to you guys. Everyone knows it is made up of carrots and khowa and lots of milk. The dish also uses a very small amount of ghee which only enhances its taste. Blanched dry fruits toppings makes this sweet dish one of the most loved ones.
  6. Kheer– Now talk about sweet dishes, and you do not mention kheer is kind of impossible. Kheer uses rice and milk or condensed milk as its primary ingredients. This is very easy to prepare and also is a very common household sweet dish. In fact why don’t you try making this at your place this weekend?

So, here was my list of my favourite sweet dishes. I hope you like them just as much as I do!


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