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Top 5 Running Shoes for women by Metro Shoes

Metro shoes have become a household name today by offering world class products using high grade materials. It has been six decades since they began operations and are now considered as experts owing the variety and quality of their shoes. The products are affordable and cater to the needs of different situations and settings. Formal, casual, sports and special occasions, all needs are catered to by the showcased products. Some of the Best Running Shoes for Women on offer by Metro Shoes have been listed below.

  1. Metro Grey Sports Sneaker:

This shoe is ideal for use throughout the day. These shoes combine fashion and comfort with utility. The detailing of the lining and stitches is very attractive and uses velcro to hold it on the foot. These can be used for running and normal day-to-day activities. They are very comfortable and easy to maintain. The grey color prevents it from looking dirty and the orange detailing ads a bit of style to the otherwise Spartan shoe. The materials used for construction are specially chosen to last long and bear the strain of running. The choice for the minimalist woman.

  1. Metro Blue Sports Sneaker:

For use on and off the field, this shoe combines fashion and comfort to make a product that is very attractive. The styling and design of the shoe is contemporary and new-age and the use of high-quality materials leaves very little to be desired. The soft insole provides unmatched comfort and the outsole provides superior traction on all surfaces. The color scheme is such that it doesn’t look dirty after a day and can be used for days on end.

  1. Metro Grey Sports Sneaker:

Ideal for track use, jogging, walking and day-to-day activities, this sneaker sports slip-on technique of usage. With an elastic ankle – this choice for the modern Indian woman now a days that brings in glamour indeed . The pink highlights offer subtle fashion and the grey tone prevents early dirtying of the shoe. With a mesh material on the upper shoe, it offers improved ventilation and comfort and materials used in construction make it easy to maintain. The rubber pads used in the sole offer enhanced traction on all surfaces and makes this hoe the ideal choice for use throughout the day.

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  1. Metro Grey Sports Sneaker:

This shoe is predominantly grey in color with an interesting pattern of vivid sky blue. Great to look at, it is the choice of shoe for the woman with colorful outlook on life. For use on the track and off it, it is very comfortable and sturdy. The geometrically patterned EVA sole provides superior traction and comfort while running. The materials used and workmanship is high quality and the product is sure to attract attention to the wearer wherever they go. The inner lining is very comfortable and allows the user to wear it throughout the day without tiring their feet. It is very neat shoe and looks very appealing, a perfect choice for the young ladies of today.

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  1. Metro Light Blue Sport Sneaker:

A multicoloured shoe perfect for use on the track, the shoe is predominantly vivid light blue in color. It features an interesting mix of colored synthetic material for construction which makes it a classy choice for the woman who doesn’t care about being tied by the norms and rules. A real eye-catcher, the interesting blend of colors and construction pattern make it off the beaten path for users looking for a running shoe. It features a slip-on usage and TPR sole to provide grip and traction on most surfaces. The choice of shoe for the woman who loves being herself, this is a great addition to the wardrobe. It is suitable for wear in all conditions and is easy to maintain. The materials used are designed to last long and make it very sturdy.

Metro Shoes is the go to choice for almost every Indian household for shoes required for school, office or track use. The quality of the products is internationally acclaimed and long lasting. The running shoes mentioned above are just a glimpse into the vast world of shoes on offer. Take your time to browse through the store and try on whatever takes your fancy. When you have decided on a particular shoe, you can be sure that it serves your purpose and the Metro guarantee ensures that it shall keep performing for many years with proper care and maintenance.


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