Time To Know About Different Types Of Cakes

There is, of course, a huge number of varieties to choose from when it comes to baking or buying a cake.  Professional bakers have different types of classifications for this dessert such as butter, sponge, foam, sponge, having low or no flour etc. If you prefer to bake cake at home, you have more simple classification: chocolate, fruit, white and other things. Now you might be wondering what makes the differences between professional categories and how professional bakers divide the different types of cakes by their batter. The final texture and the color of the cake mainly depend on how the batter is prepared. The batter is the thing that divides the products into their respective categories.

Now, this article tells you about different types of cakes-

Butter cakes:

This particular type of cake comes with some form of fat, usually butter but sometimes oil also. Baking powder plays a very crucial role when it comes to making the cake perfectly. The softened butter is perfectly creamed with the sugar in order to incorporate some air and then added to the dry ingredients. The main objective behind doing this process is to make this dessert light and airy but one thing must be taken care of that you should not make it as light as the sponge variety. Some of the very common examples of basic butter types cakes are butter layer cake and the pound cake.

You can find other types of layered cakes that are done with butter batter cakes. This specific types of cakes are typically made for celebrating birthdays and these cakes are well known for its layered look. This type of cake mainly comes with chocolate but you can also make butter layer cake golden with mixing egg yolks or you can turn it into white using egg white and this method could be very useful when you want to create a lighter and white colored dessert.

Sponge and foam cakes:

The best part of these sponge and foam cakes are they do not contain fat which is actually good for your health. These types of cakes do not contain any sort of leaving agents also. Now you might be wondering to know how the volume of this cake is made. The volume is mainly made by whipping the egg whites or eggs. When the air is perfectly whipped into the cake, it will cause it to expand during the baking so that the cake can raise without using baking soda. Dry agents are used to keeping the eggs in their proper form. Popular examples of sponge and foam cakes are Chiffon cakes, Angel food cakes etc.

Low or no flour cakes:

This type of cakes are simply made using no flours and it comes with the creamy and silky texture.  The preparation can be baked or unbaked. Some of the basic examples of no flour cakes are cheesecakes or mousse cakes.

Now you might have got the idea about different types of cakes but if you do not have enough time to bake a cake at your home, you can simply send cakes online from any online store.

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