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Things You Should Prepare a Month before You Leave for Dubai from UK

Now that you have a month before you finally move to Dubai from United Kingdom, what should you do? All of your documents are already ready and all you have to wait for is the day of your flight. You already have made arrangements with your former boss, colleagues, friends, and relatives. With weeks left before your flight, you would want to spend them wisely to leave a good mark on your future former home.

You would not want to wait for your day of flight without doing anything just sitting in front of your computer or television set. Below are some of the tips you could do to maximize your remaining weeks in your hometown.

Use gift certificates and coupons – If you still have gift certificates and coupons with you, it is best that you start using them since they’ll become useless once you get to Dubai. It is advisable that you get items that you can use before your travel day or when you arrive in Dubai. If you have excess gift certificates and coupons, you can hand them over to your colleagues or friends who can possibly use it.

Cancel subscriptions – If you have subscription for magazine, newspaper, Internet, or cable TV, it is necessary that you cancel them at least a month before your travel. Contact your subscription provider to do the arrangements about the cancellation of their services. This will make sure that you don’t leave any dues before you leave the country.

Cancel home utility services – It is practical and ideal to cancel home utility services like exterminator because you will no longer need it once you leave for Dubai. It is important that you notify the company beforehand so they will no longer consider going to your home to deliver services.

Research about Dubai – Familiarize yourself with Dubai’s destinations, routes in the neighborhood where you will stay, the laws, customs and traditions, and culture. You would want to have a good start in Dubai, which is why it is important to know more facts about the emirate. There are many websites, message boards, and social media accounts that cater to people going to Dubai, reading such web portals can come handy.

Inform your colleagues, friends, and relatives – Before you go to Dubai, make sure that your colleagues, friends, and relatives know that you are leaving. Let them know about your address in Dubai as well as your email address, social media profiles, instant messaging ID, and other medium of communication so that in case they need to contact you they can easily do so.

Contact new school – If you are traveling with your family and your child/children don’t have a British school Dubai yet, it is strongly recommended to make arrangements prior to your flight. Ask people who can know good schools in Dubai so they can refer one for your children. You may also use the Internet to make a shortlist of possible schools. Contacting a British school Dubai ahead of time is important so you will save time from roaming around the city for schools.

Confirm moving services – Make sure that you have informed the moving company about your relocation details. Also, double check their rates, making sure that no changes were done without your permission and knowledge.

Moving to Dubai from UK to start a new life can be quite overwhelming, especially if it will be your first time to stay in a different country. However, instead of being overwhelmed with the idea of new experiences, take it as a challenge to grow as a professional, and as a person in general.


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