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Things to include in your gluten free diet

Are you aware of the impact gluten foods can have on your baby? It does increase the chance where your baby could have some form of celiac disease. Gluten avoidance during pregnancy is something called for and the key is to follow some tips on the same.

If you do go on to eliminate foods where the gluten content is on the higher side it could lead to nutritional deficiencies. On the other hand if you diet is unplanned it could lead to a host of complications at the same time. If a mother avoids gluten avoidance during early pregnancy then a lot of diseases could be kept at bay. Let us now explore some foods by which you can go on to incorporate a gluten rich diet

Whole grains

Do make it a point to include, quinoa or sorghum in your regular diet. As it happens to be a gluten free diet you will have sufficient amount of proteins or magnesium that would provide you with the necessary energy for strong or healthy muscles.


Do make it a point that you include almonds, walnuts along with chia seeds in your diet. For the foetus brain development Brazil nuts are important. The fibre content present in them would prevent any form of constipation as well.

Fruits or vegetables

Do make it a point that a lot of fruits along with vegetables need to be added to your gluten free diet. If there is sufficient of green leafy vegetables there is less risk of anaemia. As fruits along with vegetables do maintain a steady influx of nutrients, any form of nutritional deficiency is eradicated during the course of pregnancy. It does promote development along with growth of the baby about to be born.

Non veg food items

Do make it a point that non veg food items like chicken or fish are part of your gluten free diet. This is going to help you obtain the essential supply of minerals along with vitamins.

Reduce foods rich in fats

The dairy products work out to be rich source of calcium along with proteins. If you incorporate dairy products as part of your diet it is going to enhance the development along with growth of the unknown baby.

It is not only about diet, as you can go on to have gluten supplements as well. It is suggested that you discuss with your doctor the correct dose. In fact the supplements would go on to include 400 mg of folic acid as well. It is going to supply you with all the essential minerals or vitamins that are needed for the baby. The expert opinion of a doctor is always a must the moment you are opting for any form of prenatal vitamin. For example a pregnant woman could go on to have 10 mcg of vitamin D on a daily basis.

All the above items along with prenatal supplements as part of your diet ensure that you do recover early.


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