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Things to Do Before the CBSE Class 10 Results

All students from the Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE are waiting for the announcement of CBSE Class 10 results 2017. The exams took place from 9th March to 10th April 2017. CBSE Board had announced to declare the results in the last week of May 2017, just as they do every year.

So all the students who had appeared for the exams and are waiting for the results, now have a chance to indulge into lots of creative stuff that they always wished to do, before the CBSE Class 10 results are declared. Post the announcement of the results you would have to start with choosing the subjects and all. Therefore, this is the time to relax, enjoy, and accomplish things. The things that not only keep boredom away but also add value to your life.

Pursue your hobbies

The pressure of excelling in academics often keeps you away from your hobbies. However, since the exams are over and you have not much to do, this is the time when you can pursue things in which your real passion lies. Give time to things that make you feel alive – whether it is photography, paintings, art, writing poems, composing music, playing guitar, hiking, gardening or travelling to some close by destination (if not that far).

Learn something new

While you wait for the CBSE Class 10th results to be out, somewhere in the last week of May, try learning a new skill or polishing some underlying talent in you. You can utilize this time to learn driving or indulge into fancy cooking. In fact, you can also learn playing a musical instrument like guitar or hone up your basketball playing talent (improve your game, we mean)! Learning has no end!

Think of your potential career options

Post the exam results, it would be time for you to choose a subject and set on a journey to your career in the coming time. This is indeed an important decision. So, utilize this time to look for potential career options and figuring out where your interest lies. You may also see a career counsellor to help you choose a field for which you have an aptitude.

Go out, make friends and just relax. Enjoy a mini vacation from studies, courses, examinations and any sort of academic pressure. Just chill! The time is yours! Hope for good results…:)


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