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Things that you shouldn’t do when booking a hotel accommodation

One of the most fun parts of planning a trip is searching for the perfect hotel accommodation. Looking at hotel pictures online, imagining yourself living the best life, even for a small time, in those gorgeous locations. But booking a hotel accommodation can be very stressful. It can definitely get in your head if you let the stress and pressure get in the way. Stress can lead to making decisions that may affect your hotel booking. Avoid those pre-vacation jitters and find the hotel booking that you truly deserve. Follow these warnings below and avoid getting a hotel mishap.

Skipping online reviews

The internet has given us a precious gift: the gift of knowing if a hotel is truly worth the price. Reviews online are your best friend in choosing the best hotel for you. You can learn the whole experience by just reading a comment on the internet. You can find out if the place looks as good as its Instagram photos or if the staff are friendly and attentive. Skipping online reviews can lead to major disappointment especially when you are imagining a whole different scenario in your head.

Not asking about the breakfast options

Not every hotel offers breakfast options. Sometimes people forget to ask if there are any free breakfast meals and buffets and it can cause confusion and frustration when you find out that you’re not getting anything for free. A free breakfast is ideal for any traveler who wants to budget. Finding out that there’s no free breakfast can hurt your travel finances.

Not checking the location

Book a hotel room that’s located in an ideal location. An ideal location can be it’s in the vicinity of the sights that you want to see, near transportation, in the vicinity to restaurants and malls, and etc. Sometimes there are hotels that are actually far off from the locations that you need or want to see. Don’t get caught off guard by checking on maps if the hotel is truly located in the place that you think it should be. Again, checking online reviews can help you figure out the true location of the hotel.

Not asking for free wifi

It’s sad but it’s true: we can no longer travel without the internet. Aside from helping us update our social media, the internet can help in case of a crisis such as booking flights, calling your bank in case of an emergency, and staying in touch with loved ones. Also, buying internet especially from abroad can be costly. Having a trusty internet connection at your hotel can do wonders. So don’t forget to ask the hotel if they offer free internet to their guests.

Not checking if there are special rates

There’s no shame in asking for discounts. There are tons of special promos and discounts that hotels and resorts often offer especially for travelers who go there offseason. If you ask for a better rate, the reservation personnel will often offer cheaper prices. And isn’t that wonderful?

Not checking if there’s parking

Parking is very important especially to those who are going to be on the road for a few days. There are hotels out there that don’t have to park. Some make their guests pay for parking which is ridiculous on so many levels. Ask the receptionist about the parking situation before heading to your destination.

Don’t forget to review

After your amazing trip, don’t forget to share your honest review to the whole internet. Help other travelers figure out if the hotel that you booked is truly worth the money. Hotels often ask guests about a review. Share your thoughts so that the hotel can improve their services BonusesOnline.com.


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