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TheOneSpy Cell Phone Monitoring software

Cell phone gadgets are one of the important tech-creatures world-wide. Everyone one has their own smartphone and people use it for many reasons. It is popular among young kids, teens, adults and even the people belong to the old generations. Anyhow, no matter how much precious these gadgets are today, but sometimes people have to monitor these devices.

Parents want to set parental control on kids and teens phones, employers want to keep an eye on their employee’s company’s owned cell phones and on the other hand spouses are very conscious to track the partner’s cell phone. How is it possible for parents, bosses and for spouses to track the smartphones. They just need to use the TheOneSpy cell phone spy app and they will be able to spy on target phones. Let’s discuss the tracking app for the cell phone.

TOS best cell phone monitoring software

It is arguably one of the greatest smartphone tracking spyware of all time. It is best for parenting, reliable for employee spying and perfect for spouse tracking. It has plenty of features that enable a user to monitor the target phone within no time and user will be able to perform tracking on the target cell phone in real time. When it comes to the price, it is quite reasonable for the users.

The interface of the software for smartphones is very user-friendly and they can easily install it on the target gadgets. Let’s suppose a user has some quires regarding the product, its customer care team will guide the users properly with patience. The powerful features of the tracking spyware for phones are in dozens, which we are going to discuss in the following.

Cell Phone Surveillance spyware Features

GPS Location Tracker

A user can use TOS for tracking the location of the target cell phone device. You just need to use the GPS location tracker of the smartphone surveillance app. It allows the user to monitor the current and the exact location of the phone; a user can also get to know the location history and also mark safe areas and danger areas for the target phone user.

Spy on calls

Record and listen to the all incoming and outgoing calls on the phone and then user further can save the recorded calls on the dashboard of the smartphone spying app.

TOS Spy 360

It also users listen to the surround sounds and conversations on the phone by using the spy 360 live surround listening. User further will be able to hack the camera of the phone and get live streaming of the phone with the spy 360 live camera streaming and lastly, a user can share the phone screen live on the online control panel to view the live activities with the live screen sharing of the TOS spy 360.

Live screen recording

A user can record the screen activities performed by the users on the phone screen by using the live screen recording of TOS cell phone monitoring app. A user can do the live screen recording of all the IM’s screen recording, password chaser, Chrome screen recording, YouTube screen recording, SMS screen recording and email screen recording.

Text messages spy

A user can track all the messages sent or received on the target phone through text messages spy of the smartphone spying software. A user can get their hands on MMs, BBM chat messages, messages, and heads-up tickers notification.

Remotely Phone controller

A user can track and can control the activities remotely from the cell phone by using the remote phone controller. It allows a user to block incoming and outgoing calls, sent and received text messages, view installed apps and can remotely block the internet on the target phone.

IM’s social media

You can track and view the all the trendy social media activities on the phone such as Facebook, Tinder, Line, Vine, Yahoo, Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp and plenty of others. A user can get IM’s logs, IM’s chat conversations, shared media files in the shape of videos and photos and even can listen to the VOICE messages.


A user can get documented proof of the activities in the shape of screenshots of all the activities happen on the phone by sending the command on the phone with different time intervals and the phone starts capturing the screenshots remotely.


All of the above mentioned TOS monitoring tools are capable of spying with sheer power and accuracy and a user can use it for parenting, employee monitoring and for spouse tracking.

Author Bio:

Angela is serving as senior editor and analyst at TheOneSpy Android monitoring app. She has tremendous expertise in kids monitoring, employee monitoring, business management, and business security. The series of published articles on global forums are the testimonies that she is expressive and can naturally convince readers through her creative works. Follow her on twitter @LatestTechBlog.


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