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The use of Morse code

When it became clear that to the crew of the Titanic that the ship was going to sink they released that they needed to send out a distress message that was quick, clear and could not be confused for anything else. The started by sending out in Morse code to all available ships dot dotdot dash dashdash dot dotdot. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out that this is the code for SOS or save our souls. It’s a speed way of getting message out and was instrumental in the arrival of the RMS Carpathia  to come to the survivors rescue otherwise they would not have survived for much longer out on the water. Another form of quick message sending is to use Same Day Courier Manchester and a quick click to see The benefits of a same day courier can certainly be the Carpathia to your delivery problems. How does Morse code work?

Morse code is a series of sounds that represent the English language. It works on dots, a quick sharp note and dashes, a slightly longer note. It runs on radio and electric currents so it is an analogue system but it is still in use to this day as it is simple to learn and provides a good back up system should digital systems go down.

Each dot and dash is reflective of the amount of times a letter appears in the English language. This is why SOS are used as they are very common words and the sounds very distinctive. Letters like Z and Q for example have longer sequences as they are not used with the same regularity as vowels which are shorter in length. As the Morse code sender is viewed with a certain awe and skill with their ability to send fast they appreciate the thought. It also means that the equally fast interpreter has to have life made a little easier in this way too.

The system was developed in the USA in eighteen thirty six where getting messages across the country was vital to the development and survival of the pioneers and frontiersmen. It also shrank a very large country. It rang along telegraph wires which were being put up along with the Railroad to increase the chances of the country’s communication with itself. In addition the system was also able to produce a punch card system that perforated a card that those without the skill to decipher the code could use by referring to a chart.

It came in to is own in the film Independence Day where the human forces were able to coordinate their attack on the alien by surprise using the code and its internationally recognised status.


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