The Unknown Recipes of Ladyfinger!

Ladyfinger is the vegetable with several health benefits. Ladyfinger mainly known as Bhindi in India but has different names in different states. Generally, people don’t like this vegetable and the reason behind this is that this vegetable has a sticky fluid but still this high fibre vegetable for its health benefits. There are a number of verities of ladyfinger recipes which can be easily made at home. This vegetable is also a part of various nutritional diets.

Here are some most important health benefits of ladyfinger which are surely unknown to you.

  • It has high fibre content hence it improves your digestive system.
  • This vegetable will surely prevent you from diabetes as it reduces the extra sweet content from the body which can cause this disease.
  • A great cuisine for the pregnant ladies, you must have seen that most of the doctors recommend this vegetable during the preconception period.
  • Rich in Vitamin: Vitamin K is the key factor improving blood clotting process. This also provides strength to your bones.
  • As this vegetable is a digestive system enhancer, it controls the fat and thus, reduces obesity as well as cholesterol level. It is a heart disease trigger.
  • Ladyfinger is well known for its skin benefits. It does not only provide Vitamin C for the look of younger skin but also maintains skin without a pimple or rashes.
  • Having lots of hair benefits like decreasing of hair dandruff and maintains the shining colour of hair.

Generally, the families are only known to some very basic recipes of ladyfinger but here are the most delicious and mouthwatering ladyfinger dishes.

  • DahiBhindi: the creamy taste with crunchy ladyfinger makes it absolutely delectable. The best it is served with rice and chappatis. The buttery taste makes it very appetizing.
  • BhindikaSalan: the dish from Uttar Pradesh is very delicious. It is a great source of fibres and other important nutrients. The mixture of sweet and salty gives it a unique taste.
  • Bhindi Do Rukha: this dish can be made in two ways, one for the vegetarians and one for the non-vegetarians. The non-veg dish is made into kebab or tikkas. The best it is accompanied by jaggery tamarind chutney.
  • Rajasthani Bhindi: from earlier times, the besan bhindi of Rajasthan is very popular. The recipe does not require any more vegetable other than bhindi. Get Rajasthani Bhindi recipe in Hindi.
  • Crispy Andhra Bhindi: as you can see from the name, the dish comes from Andhra Pradesh. The dish is well-known for its crispness and crunchiness. The other ingredients which can be added for the flavour are coconut and mustard seeds.
  • BhindiAamSinghara: Slit bhindi length wise, stuff the spices according to your need like garam masala or pepper masala. Fried ladyfinger with a topping of raw mango. The dish is very easy to cook and take very less time.
  • BendekaayiGojju: here is the famous bhindi dish from the south. Basically, this dish comes under Kannada cuisine. The dish has the perfect balance of all the flavours. It’s sweet, tangy and spicy.

You can search any recipe online including Rajasthani besan Bhindi recipe. Try new dishes and enjoy.

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