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The steps that you need to follow to get your marriage registered

Marriage registration is very important today. In fact, even if you want to go for a social marriage, getting your marriage registered is a mandate. If you stay in Hyderabad, then you can rest assured that there are a number of good lawyers available here. Since marriage registration is so very much important so hiring the best lawyer for marriage registration in Hyderabad is immensely important.

Steps to get your marriage registered

There are, however, certain steps that you need to follow when you want your marriage to get registered. In order to get a better understanding of these steps you can go through the discussion below:

  • You first need to send a notice of marriage registration

If you want to register your marriage then you first have to send a notice to the marriage officer. A notice has to be sent to the marriage officer of the district where at least one of your stay.

  • Notice has to be published and there is a period where you have to wait for sometime

Then this notice will have to be displayed by the marriage officer in one of the places in the marriage registration office. This notice also has to be forwarded to the permanent residence of each of these parties. After this, the compulsory notice period begins. During this period anyone can object this marriage. But if someone objects during this 30 day period then the objection has to be as per the eligibility and the act. He or she can object to it. If anybody fills that the marriage is violating certain eligibility conditions then also he or she can object your marriage. Apart from this, there can be no other reason a person can object to the marriage.  If there is no objection raised within this 30 day period then the marriage registrar can get the couple married.

  • Objections to marriage and the investigation

In case the marriage officer receives any kinds of objection then he or she needs to record it in the record book. Then he or she has to investigate this registration. In case he or she feels that there is no legal basis for this objection then he can surely perform the marriage. In case he investigates and finds out that the objection is valid then he will refuse to get the marriage registration done. However, he cannot take more than 30 days to arrive at a certain decision. In case the marriage registrar refuses to register the marriage the couple can appeal to the district magistrate.  This, however, needs to be done within 30 days of such a decision.

  • Declaration by parties as well as witnesses

The couple and three witnesses need to sign in front of the marriage registrar in the marriage registration certificate.

  • Marriage certificate

After the signing of the couple and the three witnesses, it is important to make an entry in the marriage registration book.

If you hire a good attorney for marriage registration in Hyderabad then you will be able to get your marriage registered without any problems.


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