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The sleeping positions that are deemed safe for your little one.

You need to be aware of the best new born sleeping positions as it could lead to death of an infant. The chances of death due to strangulation could be more. If there is a toddler at home you need to be aware of the best new born sleeping options

. This would help you to combat any untoward situation. It has been observed that infants do go on to sleep in various positions. Let us now explore some of the safe and unsafe positions as far as a new born baby is concerned.

Sleeping on the stomach position

You can consider this position to be pretty unsafe because of a host of reasons

  • This is a position that is going to put a lot of pressure on the jaws of the baby which blocks the airways. This indeed makes it very difficult for the baby to breathe
  • If the baby goes on to sleep in this position then their face will be very close to the sheet. This would make him breathe the same air. It would replicate a situation where the levels of oxygen is on the lower side

But due to the presence of certain medical conditions, the doctors may ask the parents to put their babies in this position. In case of babies with upper air inflammations they are advised to sleep in this position. But recent studies do go on to rubbish this claim. So whatever be the situation it is suggested that you take the advice of the doctor before you put the baby to sleep in this position.

Sleep on the back position

It is one of the popular and safest positions for your little one. The reason for this position to be popular is because the airways tend to be open. For short naps this position does work out to be an ideal bet for the babies as well.

As far as the risks of this position are concerned, kids may face the situation of a flattened head or back with this position. Here you need to view the fact that all these are temporary conditions and the position is going to come back to normal once the baby happens to be born. There are some methods where you can go on to avoid this situation

  • Plan more tummy time when you find that the baby is awake
  • If the baby is sleeping turn them to the side
  • A reduction of the time when the baby is being put in seat careers

In the midst of all this you need to ensure that the baby does go on to have proper sleep. Most parents do commit the mistake of choosing a soft mattress for their kids. It is one aspect that they should avoid as babies need to be put in firm beds to be slept. At the same time keep soft toys away from the crib as it could go on to damage the head of your baby.


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