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The process to choose an orthopaedic surgeon

When it is the time to locate an orthopaedic surgeon a sense of relief and anxiety tends to creep in. More often than not your personal physician is going to recommend you to an orthopaedic surgeon. There are varied points to consideration and undergoing surgery is a life changing decision for most of us. It is not about physical preparation, but you would need to choose a surgeon along with a hospital. Just like a job interview you would need to evaluate various factors before you arrive at a final decision. So how are you going to choose the top orthopaedic surgeons in India

Infection rate

When you choose a surgeon or a clinic the infection rate assumes a lot of significance. The reason of it is that it could have a fatal outcome. The type of anaesthesia couple with the take taken for a surgery assumes a lot of importance as well.


In the quest for a surgeon you should clearly figure out the training which a surgeon has received. The more practice you have the better equipped you tend to become. The more a physician performs specific procedures the better they are going to become in that specialised domain. As far as education is concerned a surgeon needs to be part of various fellowships along with residency programs.

Say for example, if you are of the opinion that a particular surgery might work for you, then it is important to see whether your surgeon is specialized in the same. For example in case of a knee replacement surgery a surgeon should be able to implant that device. In such cases you are bound to receive the guidance of a manufacturer.

In the midst of all this give equal importance to the considerations of a surgeon. They might provide you with the right guidance on what type of surgery is best for you. Develop a cordial relationship with your surgeon and try to figure out their point of view. It is better to clear all your doubts and at the same time you need to comfortable with the technology they are putting to use as well.

Experience of patients

The experience of a patient assumes a lot of importance when it comes to choice of a hospital or a surgeon. Not only it relates to the patients but how their close relatives are being treated. A suggestion into his regard would be to pay a visit to a couple of hospitals before you choose one. The key is to judge a hospital on what is visible to you.

Before you opt for a surgery you need to understand that it does have its own pros and cons. Have a one on one session with your surgeon and discuss with him if you have any diseases or if you are into any form of medications. This is going to reduce the complications to a large extend and if it does arise, the surgeon is adept in handling such cases.


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