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The process of choosing an orthoepedic surgeon for knee replacement

If you are planning to opt for a knee replacement surgery it does have to be one of the significant decisions of your life. The whole point is that you need to be confident about the choice you are making. Do make an informed decision about the surgeon you are choosing. A successful outcome depends to a large extend on the surgeon you have gone on to choose. It is indeed important that you feel comfortable with the surgeon and do ask him questions about your surgery. You need to find out what a surgeon can do for you in the current scenario. In order to get hold of the best orthopaedic hospital in India you need to follow the below mentioned procedures.

Check out for referrals

Do ask your primary doctor about the list of well-known orthopaedics in your area. Just ask them on why they rate the recommendations at a higher level. If the need arises you can expand the list of doctors as per your wishes.

If anyone of your friends has gone on to undergo knee replacement surgery you can ask them about their experience as well. You can find out on who undertook the surgery and how it went as well. Do make it a point that the surgeon you have chosen is covered in your insurance plan. If you choose a surgeon out of your plan it is going to have an impact on the overall costs.

In this regard if the above methods do not yield the desired results, you can go on to tap the online sources as well.

The experience along with the credentials of the surgeon

It is suggested that you spend some amount of time in reviewing the background of the surgeon. Here the education, training along with experience has a definite say for sure. Find out whether the surgeon is board certified and by which association as well.

Just ask the surgeon on how many surgeries they have gone on to perform till date. If a surgeon has gone on to perform more than 12 surgeries a year, and then their track record would be great. On the other side of the coin hospitals that have gone on to have more than 25 surgeries a year have a better track record as well. It is a well-known fact that the best ones in the business go on to perform hundreds of surgeries each year.

To gain experience you would need to perform a certain number of surgeries a year. By learning new technologies they should expand their knowledge each year. This assumes a lot of importance when they are about to perform various surgeries. In case if you are of the opinion that a particular procedure works best for you, then you need to find out whether the surgeon is trained enough to peform their procedure. On the other hand if a surgery needs to use a surgical procedure they need training in the same.


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