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The pearl of the mountains

A refreshing breeze of alpine air, calm and peaceful hills with grazers and wide horizon of ancient polish mountains is possibly all that a human being needs to find inner strength and relaxation. There is a reason why such an enormous number of people visit mountain regions in many countries. And there are hardly more astonishing mountains that the Tatras in Poland.

The Tatras—the highest mountain range in Poland

Each year there are about 3 million tourists visiting the polish part of the mountains. The record of a daily entrance to one trail in Chocholowska Valley is about 25 000 people. The view, then, must be unforgettable as it draws such attention. Fortunately, there are many more trails to choose from. Moreover, there is much more to do there than just hiking.

Zakopane—short characteristic

 This city is located at the mere bottom of the Tatras. A fascinating fact is, that Zakopane is the highest situated city in Poland as it is located at 750-1126 km above sea level. The first pioneers settled in Zakopane during about XV century. There is, therefore, a long history behind the name. At first, it was the artistic world that draw attention to the small city. This town became a symbol of freedom and Polish character for many artists and poets, who began to value and appreciate the astonishing beauty of the mountains, aged monuments and buildings full of Polish culture.

The culture today

Each year there are more and more attractions built, developed and offered in this beautiful city. Longer and wider hiking trails, hotels and apartments with luxury rooms with a view of the mountains scenery are ready to fulfil all your needs for relaxation. For those who seek a bigger challenge, there are trails more difficult prepared in the mountain range. If the weather drastically changes to unfavourable, you can always hide in many hostels and shelters standing beside the roads and trails. Very often, these are the places with the most tasteful and regional cuisine, where you can eat the real Polish food. Additionally, if you are even more curious about the traditions, the history of the city and its indigenous inhabitants you can find a lot of museums, relics and monuments with the guides ready to tell an unforgettable tales.

Zakopane to Krakow

 After catching a breath of ancient history and culture, it is always worth it to come back to the bigger city, for example, Krakow (a city with a great history as well) and have some entertainment (here I recommend a bus zakopane to krakow)


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