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The most popular cars for Showing Off

People usually buy a car as a mean of transportation and hardly anyone will argue with this statement. However, the car can also be an element of luxury and the thing to be proud of. And very often the car is purchased not for reasons of getting quicker and more comfortable from one point of the city to another, but with the expectation that the surrounding people will express respect to the driver. That’s why there’s a temptation to buy custom Porsche 911 or BMW X6 is insurmountable. In this case drivers do not pay much attention to such “trifles” as fuel consumption and maintenance costs. The desire to become the owner of a “cool car” takes precedence over rationality. Which cars are most often bought for the sake of showing off? Let’s have a look at these cars in this article.

Toyota Tundra
Initially, the car was designed in the US for transportation, in fact for transporting dung from one ranch to another by local farmers. Now there are a lot of cars of this class, but drivers don’t consider them as purely commercial, but simply off-road cars. They buy cars of this type for the sake of high ground clearance, brutal appearance, relatively low cost and respect on the road. And one more bonus – it is possible to park this car wherever possible. In addition to its eye-catching look, this car is, without any doubt, practical. In particular, the Tundra modifications have a car body which enables you to transport an ATV.

The sixth model of BMW occupies a place of honor in the rating of the most “showing off” cars. As practice shows, the majority of owners of these cars are successful business ladies who like being admired not only for their own appearance, but also for the look of their cars. This car is an indispensable element of their image and serve as a status symbol for them. The BMW X6 is not destined to leave urban asphalted roads or high-quality country trails. Owners of these cars never realize all its potential. But in a traffic jam on the owner of this vehicle will certainly attract envious glances of other drivers.

Porsche Cayenne
This crossover is associated with luxury too. What’s more, it is recognized as the best crossover in terms of handling. However, the owners will bend the truth if they say that they bought this car in order to compete with other cars in skillful driving. Cayenne has become very popular SUV due to it’s appearance in the first place.

It is believed that this car is purchased exclusively to impress others (except for the military H1) in any country of the world. In 2009 manufacturers stopped producing Hummer and H2 and H3 became a real exclusive thing on the market of used cars. Although this car has a military origin, it is equipped with all the necessary attributes of luxury.

Chevrolet Camaro fifth generation
It is a truly powerful legendary car, whose unbridled power of the engine is combined with a unique and dizzying modern design. Working on the new Camaro, the designers decided to pay tribute to this unique model, which is breathtaking. They created a modern interpretation of the Camaro in 1969, the design of which, as many believe, was truly legendary. The new Chevrolet Camaro looks “muscular” and powerful.

Attention to detail, harmony of classics and modernity – these are the most important characteristics of the interior of the new Camaro. People who drive road-trip cars like Chevrolet Camaro will definitely be mentioned on the road.


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