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The Growing Impetus of Contemporary Art

Art in some form or the other is followed by every individual, with the advancement of technology and invention there have been innumerable additions and subtractions to every aspect of art. The genre of painting too has undergone sea change and several new concepts and styles of painting have evolved over the years. Contemporary painting is one among them; it is slowly gaining grounds among the ordinary people as well.

The present times are witnessing the increasing number of visitors to various art fairs and this is proof enough to show the growing awareness and consciousness of art among common people. It is no longer something restricted to the more serious and higher class of the society. Mark Borghi the owner of a fine art gallery has been hosting numerous exhibitions at his various galleries around New York, which always turn out to be huge success. His exhibitions showcase the work of well known painters of the times and have a collection of all kinds of paintings.

Modern art or contemporary art has become a very accessible thing as opposed to a few years back, people now have the provision of the internet which helps them understand and learn anything and everything. It is mostly because of this easy accessibility that every other person dares to try something new, out of which masterpieces are acquired.

Art in any form is basically a way to convey the inner most thoughts and feelings of the doer of the action to the audience or viewer, but not through direct conversation. It involves the conveying of this message through creativity, it has become a tool for maintaining interpersonal relationships and its effects are rather far reaching.

Again as mentioned earlier, the internet has become one of the greatest instructors of all times; just as it teaches one to do the art, it also teaches one how to understand and appreciate the particular type of art. This is perhaps another reason why people are becoming more and more interested in any form of art and particularly the contemporary one.

And now since more people know the art, therefore more people are learning how to appreciate and criticize any particular painting. In fact, even the old paintings that were hard to acquire previously are now easily available at the various art galleries and thus, contemporary art is easily entering into every household.

Mark Borghi Fine Art Gallery is an art gallery that specializes in Post-War American art, but his galleries at the various locations of Palm Beach, Bridgehampton have displayed exhibits of contemporary art, pop art, and abstract art of famous artists such as Richard Prince, Hans Hoffman, Jackson Pollock, Christopher Wool and the like. One of his most recent exhibitions was dedicated to the empowerment of women, called ‘Beyond Secretary”, which upheld that the beauty of a woman is intrinsic and she is not just born for the servitude of men.

Contemporary art, as you see thus, has hit the modern society very hard and manages to boldly speak on topics like the upliftment of women without being vocal. This is the beauty of painting that voices every opinion but with utter subtlety.



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