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The expectations from a CT scan

CT scan stands for computerized topography where detailed images of the various organs of your body are obtained. As compared to an x ray they are going to provide you with detailed images. The uses of CT scan are immense but it works better for an individual who are known to suffer internal injuries from any wounds associated with various types of trauma. With a CT scan you can go on to visualize all the major parts of the body and at the same time plan out any surgical, medical or radiation form of treatment. Let us now understand more about CT scan in details.


Once a CT scan takes place you are being exposed to ionizing radiation. The degree of radiation is much greater than a CT scan as it gathers more detailed information. If the dose is low it may not cause any major harm, but if the dose is on the higher side possibility of cancer exists.

The benefits of CT scan are immense that could outweigh any potential risks of the same. The doctors generally go on to rely on the use of low amount of radiation so that risk is a bare minimum. Coupled with the fact that newer machines do use less radiation in comparison to the bygone machines. Just discuss with your doctor about the risks and benefits of a CT scan.

You should clearly mention to your doctor that you are pregnant. The radiation that is obtained from a CT scan is not likely to cause a lot of harm to your baby, in the form of MRI or ultrasound that could cause considerable degree of harm to the developing baby. In CT imaging low doses of radiation are being put to use, so no major negative effects are seen in the case of human beings as of now.

The phase of preparation in relation to the surgery

The preparation phase to a large extent is dependent upon the portion of your body that is subject to scanning. Once you are about to undertake a CT scan in Chennai

  • You need to remove all jewels and wear a hospital gown
  • Any metal objects that are present in your body even the eye glasses have to be removed. The reason being that it could interfere with the image results
  • It is suggested that you refrain from eating or drinking a few hours before the surgery

Contrast material

This is a special type of dye that is needed for a CT scan to highlight special areas of your body that needs examination. What the contrasting material does is that it blocks the x rays which would appear white on the images. This would go on to emphasize the blood vessels along with various other structures. There are various ways by which contrast material can be provided to you

  • By mouth- in case if the stomach is subject to scanning, there is a need that you might have to swallow a liquid which is incorporated with contrasting material. Be aware that this drink might seem to be a lot unpleasant.
  • By injections- the contrasting material can be provided via the medium of injections through the vein in the arm. This would force the gall bladder, urinary tract or blood vessels to stand itself apart during the course of the scan. The chances are high that you might be feeling warm or a metallic taste in the mouth
  • By enema- the contrasting material could be inserted in the rectum where a visual image of your intestines could be provided. The loophole is that you might be developing a feeling of bloating during the procedure.

How to prepare your child for a CT scan?

If your little one needs to have a CT scan the doctor may recommend the use of sedative to keep the kid calm and still. If any movement occurs it may blur the images and incorrect results could emerge. You can discuss with your doctor on how to prepare your child.

What can be expected?

Mostly CT scan is undertaken at an outpatient facility or a hospital. It is a painless procedure and with the use of modern machines the procedure might just take a few minutes. The maximum duration that the procedure can extend to would be 30 minutes.

The procedure

The procedure may replicate a situation, where you are standing by a large doughnut besides you. You have to lie down on a narrow table that opens on to a tunnel. Pillows or straps may be provided to you so that you remain in position. When a head scan is suggested there are chances that the table might be fitted with a special cradle which ensure that the head is still.

Once the table makes a movement on to the scanner, the x ray tube would rotate inside you. With each rotation various slices in terms of images of your body is obtained. Even if you choose the best CT scan in Chennai you cannot avoid the buzzing sound.

There is a technologist in a separate room who can see and hear you. Via intercom you will be able to communicate with them. They are going to advise you to hold breath at certain points which would avoid blurred images.

Once the procedure is over

Once the exam is over you can head back to your normal lifestyle? In case if you are given any contrasting material you might be given some special instructions. Then you might have to wait for a short time before you leave so that you are feeling well once the exam is over. Once the scan is over you might be asked to drink lot of fluids so that the kidney would remove the contrasting material from the body.

The results

The CT scans are stored in the form of electronic data files that is being reviewed by a computer screen. The radiologist would interpret these messages and it would be send over to your doctor.


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