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The Exceptional Fan Base Of The Green Bay Packers!

The Green Bay Packers is one of the most loved and respected NFL teams in the USA today. No matter what their team performance is the tickets for their game has been sold out since 1960. They have the smallest TV market however the team consistently ranks at one of the most popular NFL teams in the League. If you look at their seasonal waiting lists, you will find that it is one of the longest in the world. The waiting list for their matches has over 86,000 names.

The number of names exceed the number of seats that are present in the Lambeau Field. Fans have to wait on an average for more than 30 years to see them play on the field. Every year there are only 90 new tickets that are sold. This means if you go via calculations you will find that a new person will need to wait for about 955 years on an average to get their chance. This is why many people will tickets for a Packers match to the next of kin or newborns that have been placed on an optimistic basis on the waiting list for the match.

More interesting facts on The Green Bay Packers

Sandy Petrocelli is an ardent Wisconsin team fan and he says that besides watching his favorite teams of Wisconsin play, he loves to dig into their colorful history as well. He says that the fans of the Green Bay Packers are often referred to as Cheeseheads. This is a nickname they received because of the bountiful produce of cheese in the state. However, this name was given to them when they lost a match and was leveled as an insult. However, the fans of The Green Bay Packers were not offended and they took the name with open arms with a sense of pride. Fans started to wear cheesehead shaped hats at matches to cheer their favorite team and players. These hats were bright orange in color and now it has become a fixture at the stadium whenever the team plays.

Bikes rides during the summer camp training

During the summer camp training of the team that is conducted outside The Don Hutson Center, young fans are allowed to bring their bikes and they may select their favorite players to ride them from the locker room to practice at The Ray Nitschke Field. This became an age old tradition after the Lambeau Field was made in 1957. Gary Knafelc said that young children wanted them to ride their bikes and the players oblige their wish. In this way, they welcome young children as their fans.

Sandy Petrocelli says that the Green Bay Packers also hold an annual scrimmage known as The Family Night. This is an intra-squad affair and it is held at The Lambeau Field. In 2004-2005 over 60,000 fans had turned up and the number went up to 62,492 in 2005 when the Buffalo Bulls appeared on the scene. In August 2008, ESPN.Com ranked the fans of The Green Bay packers the second best in the NFL League!


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