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The Evolution of Modern Armor – Harder, Lighter, More Discreet

New generation of protective equipment is challenging the notion that body armor is heavy, bulky and tiresome to wear, as the latest models of bullet resistant police vests are made to fit comfortably lighter and fits body contour.

Since the dawn of history, people used body armor for protection and additional power in battle. Not much has changed in modern times, except the technology used to make the protective gear. Today, it is possible to find a broad range of high-quality products that showcase a peculiar blend of ballistic reliability and ergonomic design. Made from lightweight Kevlar and shaped to safeguard vital organs , these hard shell made vests are amazingly effective at stopping bullets and shrapnel and are mandatory for security or law enforcement workers who are often in the line of threats & attacks.

Advances in the manufacturing technology have allowed for more experimentation, leading to vastly improve in performance, as well as aesthetic qualities. The materials are crafted to be impregnable and durable, but finest finishing ensures they follow the body lines perfectly. Now even the lightest ballistic vests can provide total security while also managing to look good. In fact, it’s really easy to forget you are even wearing one of those beauties, at least unless you happen to need their bullet-stopping excellence.

Anyone looking for a military body armor vest will have to make a decision about the most suitable piece, since there is a wide choice of models on display. Some of them are worn over a uniform for combating difficult situations, while others can be discreetly worn underneath normal clothing to maintain civilian appearance. It goes without saying that preferred thickness depends on the amount of protection needed, but that’s not a problem since one of the best solution for all your needs of body armour like Hard Shell have something for every style of use.

Of course, vests are not the only type of high-tech protective equipment that has seen major progress in recent years. Hard Shell is also manufacturer of PASGT helmet manufacturer, so you are certain to find suitable headgear to match with the body armour. That way, you can use the latest advancements to keep up with the growing range of threats and remain fully secure, no matter where your work takes you. With lighter and better fitting equipment, you can be clad in body armor for critical situation.


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