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The Best Premium Office Chair for Busy Professionals

The work week and pile of to-dos slow down for no one. If work is becoming a big part of someone’s life, that means hours upon hours are being spent in the office getting things done and making deadlines. It can be a little stressful to keep up with the pace of the working world in 2019, but it does not have to be a stress on the body thanks to Autonomous.

How is Autonomous Changing the Office Chair?

Autonomous is a rising start in the ecommerce retail market for redesigning what an office chair can do, and more importantly, how it can help busy professionals stay limber and comfortable during the long work week.

Autonomous designs a number of chairs for working individuals whether they are in a traditional office or home setup. No option is more impressive than their premium seating option, the OsmoChair.

A Superior Seating Option

The OsmoChair is a premium, executive seating option with a budget friendly price tag. Hundreds of dollars less than other executive office chairs, the OsmoChair is a full fledged ergonomic masterpiece meant to support and comfort every inch of the body over the course of a busy work day.

A 3D adjustable headrest helps users to find the sweet spot where perfect posture is effortless, meaning less slouching and much more productivity. When the back and neck are forced into a slumped or slouched position, focus and energy are depleted by a distracting body posture, and that makes it harder to work and succeed. The OsmoChair allows users to experience full support for the spine that simultaneously supports and feels comfortable.

A lot of comfort also comes from the revolutionary mesh material that covers the OsmoChair. This mesh blend automatically adapts to provide the optimal resistance and support needed for any posture or position that the body takes during the work day.

By distributing the body’s weight evenly no matter how the chair is positioned and adjusted, each and every user gets the most supportive office chair experience imaginable, no matter their size, shape, and body composition.

On that note, adjusting the OsmoChair could not be easier and more intuitive. A slew of multi-directional seat inclines, heights and tilts, are made available by a sophisticated mechanism built by Italian designer and manufacturer Donati.

These responsive external controls help to make adjustments easily by regulating tension in problem areas like the back and neck. Users can also adjust direction and position with no hesitation, and true lock mechanisms allow for each change to stay in place no matter what.

When the work day starts to take its toll, the user also has the option to deploy the OsmoChair’s footrest for maximum stretching and maximized blood flow. The detachable, adjustable leg rest makes it easy to take a short rest while still working, all the while providing support to a part of the body that gets left out of ergonomic office chair design far too often.

The OsmoChair is the Total Package

The office chair market is vast and varied in design and quality. Autonomous masters both through rigorous testing and collaborations with the world’s best designers. The OsmoChair is a culmination of the best work Autonomous has done to date, and every user who sits in an OsmoChair at work becomes more productive and joyful in the workplace for its physical supports and extreme comfort.

Not a day goes by during the work week where an office chair does not cause some sort of pain or strain, so bid the struggles goodbye and shop Autonomous for ergonomic office chair solutions, plus every accessory needed to keep employees working smarter, faster, and harder.


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