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The Best Music for Shopping

It’s not always easy to know which music is the best for the shopping experience, but it’s much easier to recognise which is the worst! Any music that is too loud, brash and annoying will undoubtedly send shoppers running for the exit.

The type of music played overhead while you’re shopping plays a crucial role in helping to keep customers in the store. Play the wrong music and you won’t be creating the desirable shopping experience, negatively affecting your brand and decreasing your sales.

Playing the perfect music can:

Help to create an environment that becomes a brand experience

Help to put customers at ease and improve their mood

Offer subtle cues as to when customer should move through the store

Boost your employees’

Help boost sales

The music that plays in the background of a store is more than just a silence-filler. It is actually a highly useful tool that can improve your store’s performance and makes the atmosphere better for all who enter.

Try to aim higher than just music that sounds ‘ok’. Ideally, you want to invest some time into finding the ideal music for your store, your brand, your unique selling point and your customers. Consider the following things to find the right music:

  1. Don’t base the choice on your own personal preferences.

While it’s a bonus if you like the music, don’t make this the deciding factor. If there’s a genre that you love, consider if it’s really the best fit for your business. The same goes for letting employees play their personal preferences too. Always consider your customer’s preferences first and play what they want to hear.

  1. Brand Awareness

The music should match your branding. Consider the things that make your business unique and what your personality is. Try to find a genre of music that matches those characteristics and shares the same qualities. If you want to find out more about your ideal In store Music, find out more about in store music here.

A good example is a high-end jewellery store that might choose to play quiet classical music in the background to set the tone for focussing on sophistication, elegance and luxury. A recent study by a U.S University found that when a wine store switched their music from pop to classical, their customers picked out more expensive wines to buy. The more refined the music, the more refined their taste became.

  1. Suits your target audience

It’s important to consider if the music fits your customer base and how you think they will respond to the genre. Choose the type of music that best fits with the tastes and interests of your perfect customer. Don’t play anything that might put them off.


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