The Benefits of Stem Cell Research

Stem cell research is utilized for research of elementary cells that grow beings. In research laboratories the cells are developed where examinations are performed to examine important properties. Stem cell research has become a very controversial matter in the current years. Both supporters and challengers are there who present their opinions with proof.

Some individuals think it is vital not to carry on with stem cell research, but others think the information gained through this research has its advantages. Alexander Potoczak is a resident of Ohio who has interest in stem cell research. He supports the stem cell research study and says that it can prove extremely helpful in treating a range of medical issues.

The debate regarding stem cell research resulted in a strong debate about morals. Couple of years back, the research technique chiefly fixed on Embryonic Stem Cells that implicates that the tissue is obtained from an embryo that has been aborted to get correct material to research. This is usually done after few days of pregnancy or in the middle of the fifth and ninth week. In order to stop using Embryonic Stem Cells, scientists are now using iPS. These cells are obtained artificially from a cell that is not pluripotent.

Listed below are some of the benefits of stem cell research:

  • It can assist in treating a variety of medical complications and can lead mankind nearer to improved treatment and perhaps treat numerous diseases such as birth defects, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, stroke, diabetes Type I, heart disease, cancer, injuries in the spinal cord, repair and replace of damaged tissues and also decreases the danger of transplantation.
  • Stem cells are less possibly to be banned when used in transplants.
  • Several current immune system and genetic disorders related diseases that could be treated with the use of stem cell research. The potentials for the abolition of injury related death and disease and suffering are infinite.
  • Few medical experts have stated that the arrival of stem cell research could be the highest development when it comes to abolition of the pain and discomfort of human from the time when the antibiotics have been invented. Moral observers also have faith in that it is vital to end as much human suffering as possibly can in order to give a less uncomfortable existence for the future generation.

Research on the use of stem cells from non-embryonic resources has got more notice in recent years as scientists in some nations, particularly the United States, are forced to look for publicly recognized, ethical substitutes.

Thus, it can be said that there is limitless prospective for scientists to learn about cell development and human growth from studying stem cells.

Alexander Potoczak is specializing in Economics from Hamilton College in Clinton, New York. He is planning to study religious studies and biology as secondary subjects. He has also been accepted into the College of Medicine at Northeastern Ohio University. He has been an Associate Member Chair and is a member of the Delta Chi Fraternity.

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