Take Your Chance and Protect Birds by Donating

It is a known fact by now the majority of the migratory birds of Americas are in big trouble. About 140 species of birds are in constant decline including the most common Wood Thrush. Now, you can also participate in bird conservation and protect birds by donating.

Protecting birds by donating

You may think what the extinction of birds has to do with your daily life. In fact, the birds play a vital role in the upkeep of the right equilibrium of nature. Once if they become extinct, then it can start as a chain to ultimately affect human life itself. So, each citizen has the responsibility to act against this threat and help to protect birds, habitats, environment, and in turn your own life.

There are many initiatives out there to help protect the endangered species of birds and their natural habitats. Any citizen including you can contribute for this cause and become a part of these campaigns.

For example, the tropical forests of Honduras are the haven of Wood Thrush during winter and during fall, they fly to Central America. However, each year what they get to see there is very less expanse of forest to be at. The deforestation rates at Central America are the highest in the world now.

Many other birds too are highly dependent on these tropical forests like Golden-winged Warbler and the endangered species of Honduran Emerald hummingbird, which are on the verge of extinction now.

Initiatives to protect the tropical forests

We can see that lately, the tropical forests of Honduras are largely being converted to cattle ranches and coffee farms. With the support of public, conservationists’ initiatives like ABC run campaigns to protect birds by donating in order to restore the tropical forests by joining hands with the landowners and local partners by implementing sustainable land management measures. Over a time period, they are aiming to build many acres of tropical forests to benefit both the birds and humans.

In Honduras, the conservation project is already running successfully to conserve the regions where Wood Thrush known to settle during the non-breeding time as Yoro Biological Corridor and Agalta Valley.

Yoro Biological Corridor is of about 3728 square miles where the expansion of coffee production was largely affecting the wet forest, which is a big habitat of birds. In Agalta Valley, rapid destruction of the forest was happening for cattle pasture. It is only about 3,000 acres of forest left here as a result of over-grazed pastures and soil got exhausted.

By utilizing the fund raised through public sourcing, the organization is now taking initiative to practice some innovative approaches to make the livelihoods of this region more sustainable along with preserving the remaining forest fragments.

American Bird Conservancy is one of its kind of unique initiative in existence with steadfast commitment to preserve native birds and their natural habitats across the USA. Each penny earned through the protect birds by donating campaign will be judiciously used to ensure the effective accomplishment of this cause, under the guidance of experts and conservation scientists.

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