Supporting Impoverished People with Microloan Programs

Most of the underdeveloped countries are going through the economy crisis and people cannot afford meals to feed themselves or their family. The condition of malnutrition, poverty and unemployment prevails in these countries. However, with the developed countries stepping ahead in this direction and with the help of many contributions and charity donations they are now giving micro finances to the impoverished people so that they can sustain themselves. In this direction, Joe Johnson Mercy Foundation is providing full support and changing the lives of many people through the powerful charitable programs.

Providing Qualitative Financial Assistance and Full Support

Many foundation groups help the people in one or other direction may be in education or getting employment in towns and cities that are developing or by giving them financial support to start their own small business. Joe Johnson Mercy Foundation is distinctive as it not only helps in one area but it actually helps the community as a whole.

The tax-deductible charity is provided to the people and the underutilized assets are given to these people in the form of financial assistance. Here are some points that mentioned about the work that is being done by the people of this foundation by helping them to move forward:-

  • The foundation helps the people in most underrated economically weak societies where people are suffering due to economic hardships created by many other weak policies. However, these people with their hard work and the microfinance loans received in the form of funds by the organization are being used for strengthening their family.
  • These people are also given the assets that are being not used by the industrialists with the help of Bargain Sale that has changed their lives. They can now start their small business in these setups or can use them as the accommodation too.
  • The loans given to the poverty ridden people also have a 99% payback rate that means that the loan amount can be used repeatedly for funding other people of the community.
  • These Microfinance loans given to people can be used for opening up the small entrepreneur business, funding the education etc. With this, the people are able to support their family and the community as a whole since they are contributing by pumping it back in the society.
  • Most of the people with the help of these microfinance loans and the skills they possess are able to double the production, send their children to school and colleges, to have healthy meals etc. They can afford the medical facilities, the infrastructure that was of no use for industrialists is used to accommodate them and much more. This has provided a ray of hope to the people and they are now leading their life in a happy and satisfied way.

From the above-mentioned points, it is clear that these kinds of foundations like Joe Johnson Mercy Foundation are important in the present times for the underdeveloped communities who have enough skills but needs funds. Therefore, with the funds they are now able to have a great sustainable development with the charitable investments provided by the foundation.

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