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Stylizing Your Wardrobe With Bracelets

While getting ready for any event, our hands are often the most ignored part of our attire. While our ears and neck get all the attention, our hands mostly are limited to a decent wrist watch. But you can chose to change that and Make Vana can help you in the process!

Here are some of the funky and traditional mix of handmade bracelets from Make Vana which are sure to add a zing to your style statement.

Going Traditional the Indian Way

One of the most common accessory that goes with the Indian attire, are the bangles. But often carrying bangles becomes troublesome especially if you are a busy woman always on the move. Is such a situation you either skip the bangles or are always distracted by it. Make Vana’s handmade threaded silver bangles with stripes is the ideal solution. The bright and vibrant colours with small bells attached at the end give it the complete look of a bangle with a unique style. Add this to your wardrobe and give your Indian attire a colorful twist!

When Less is More

For those who prefer a low tone version of the eastern dress up, the bangles maybe a little too loud. The classier alternative to this is a double layered bangle bracelet handmade by Make Vana. Additionally it can be paired with any traditional attire to give it a creative touch. The beauty of these pieces are the versatility of their usage. Pair it with a jeans to give it a indo-western look. Whatever you do, this piece will only add to it.

Going Boho

One of the trendiest looks are the boho chic. An evening attire of a floral gown or a summer dress, whichever be your choice of your attire today, complement it with a vintage handmade bracelet and you are good to go. The best part about these pieces is that they do not require any additional ornamentation. The urban look with a soft color combination adds to the youthfulness of the piece. Wear it for a nice beach party and you are sure to grab attention.

Keeping It Trendy

For the ones who do not follow fashion trends like a diva but still wish to remain at pace with the times, the unisex bracelet collection of Make Vana is a great accoutrement to possess. These funky bracelets in beautiful but non-jazzy colors go great with a dress or a jeans alike. No extra accessorizing is needed, just one of these handmade beauties and you are good to go.

While one need not over do with jewelleries, the bracelets are quite literally understated.



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