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Stratfor and Their Take on Information Thereby Enhancing Intelligence

The modern way of obtaining knowledge is through the internet by the means of technology. The life of modern man revolves majorly around these two factors. It gives an opportunity to every individual to do intense research, get to the core of the topic, understand more about it and thereby enhance the knowledge. Intelligence feeds upon more data and informative evidence, and thus experiences a boost. Therefore, the internet spreads information important for the development of intelligence. The data available to the web pages are often not the original facts; these undergo filtration numerous times and then presented, the result being a totally different or partially valid information.

The data uploaded over the webpages needs the expert’s analysis, research and original inputs of the facts. Fabrication of facts is nothing but an avoidable piece of information, which provides no real fact, and neither adds to the knowledge. The experts working for certain organizations contribute to the distribution of realities and events occurring all over the globe. What people require is hard-core facts and expert’s analysis rather than some writer whose work lack the experienced touch of a professional. Many companies function to deliver the truth, facts and analysis all without much procession done in order to extend it.

Stratfor is a finest example of such companies, since it collects information from sources; the experts under the firm analyze it and upload it upon their page. Its open source when it comes to collecting data that is they gather it from internet sites, sources they have placed internationally and wire services. However, it is not always possible to extract every detail of the information all the time. The company is, nevertheless, favored for their quality and detailed information, their motto being to deliver every piece of information, which is most of the time possible due to the wide network of sourcing.

As a geological intelligence firm, it holds itself responsible for presenting the global events related to government and politics, economy and financial variation, military, energy resources, forecasts, analysis and reports and much more. Multimedia and written forms are available for getting access to their subjective analysis and genuine presentation of facts. Along with these, an application on I-phone and a monthly publication called Compass launched in 2014 is also available. Clients and subscribers have been satisfied with the performance and contribution of this company, and so it proudly brags of having nearly 300,000 subscribers from all across the world. This in itself speaks volume of the achievements and standard of the company.

The internet has indeed shaped the modern lifestyle. Companies like Stratfor come up with ideas of providing world with necessary data through internet. This new medium is fast and easy to use, and that is the reason why millions of people are hooking up to internet to gather information related to events, education and entertainment. Recommendations also make companies like Stratfor popular and are thus widely accessed by innumerable clients and subscribers. Their responsibility and viewers purpose both meet fulfillment.


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