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Stay safe from online scammers

It is no wonder that our world is becoming more technological and digital these days. With the pace everything is progressing, we expect to see more of it. Shopping has also been greatly influence by technology. Online shopping has become immensely popular because of the great deals, wide variety of stuff, security, fast delivery and easy return options that are offered. Now you don’t have to go to the store every time you have to buy something, instead the store can come to you.

Most of the reputed online shopping websites are quite reliable and sell genuine products to their customers. But there has been a rise in the number of fake or scam sites which steal the money of innocent buyers looking to shop online. Thus, now we have to carefully think carefully before buying something as simple as t-shirts for men. Just by using a little common sense and following certain guidelines you can protect yourself from these scammers. The following tips can help keep your money as well as identity safe from all these people.

  1. You should always buy stuff online from familiar and trusted sites. The reputed websites will always sell genuine products for a reasonable price. There will be more risk of getting scammed if you buy things from an unfamiliar site. They might steal your credit card details or your bank account details and steal money from you. You should also beware of certain fake site which set their names quite similar to the trusted ones to fool the customers. You should always be very careful about the site you buy your thing from.
  2. Whenever you think of buying anything online remember to check for the SSL encryption. If this encryption is not installed then you should not use your credit card to make any online payments there. You can check for the SSL encryption in the status bar which will have a symbol of a locked padlock in it. The URL of the website will also start with HTTPS:// instead of HTTP:// so you can check that too.
  3. Make it a habit to check your bank statements regularly. You must not wait till the end of the month to receive your monthly statement. Instead you can look for the electronic statements on a regular basis to check for any fraudulent charges. If you find any such charges, address the matter immediately. The sooner you look into the matter, the better chances you will have of recovering your money.
  4. If you are planning to buy some t-shirts for men, you might think that no one would scam you for such inexpensive material. But you will be surprised with what a scammer can do with a little bit of your personal information. For this reason you should always set a strong and untraceable password for all your banking and shopping accounts.
  5. Using a public computer for your online transactions will be the worst mistake you make. Your details can be easily traced if you are not careful. Even if you do use a public computer, remember to always log out of your acc


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