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Some Delicious Chicken Delicacies

Chicken is one of the common ingredients in every non-vegetarian household. Different cuisines have different chicken recipes that are unique in taste, flavour, and aroma. You can easily cook various chicken recipes at your home or in get-togethers. Different preparations can be made with chicken and some of them are described below:

Butter Chicken: You can prepare butter chicken by following its systematic recipes. Indian butter chicken is also known as Punjabi murghmakhani. It has received much popularity across the world. You can serve butter chicken with kulcha or naan. Butter chicken is not very spicy and hot like the usual South Indian chicken curry.

Grilled chicken chunks are cooked in a buttery, smooth, and creamy tomato based gravy that is known as murghmakhani or Butter chicken.

Chicken Masala: It is one of the simplest and home-style Indian chicken preparations for beginners. This delicious preparation makes a good team with roti, rice, paratha or naan. Different variations are there through which a masala chicken recipe can be prepared in India. Every region has their variation to prepare it with taste enhancers (locally available) taste enhancers, such as cashews, coconut, poppy seeds, sesame seeds etc.

Chicken 65: It is a simple chicken preparation and you can make it by following its recipe. It is a well-known South Indian chicken starter as well as a street food. The recipe has so many variations and it can be made as either dry or a gravy recipe. You can discover this preparation in some South Indian restaurants, specifically in Tamil Nadu.

Chicken Cutlet: This recipe is also popular by other names, such as chicken tikki or chicken patties. Crispy and delicious chicken patties can be prepared in only 40 mins. It makes a great appetizer or snack or a starter for get-togethers, parties, or weekend meals. They make a perfect team with only a cup of tea in form of an evening snack.

Tandoori Chicken: It is one of the most popular and very delicious tandoori recipes. It has sources from the Mughlai cuisine of the Mughal era. You can use this chicken tandoori recipe for grilling boneless fillets or drumsticks to prepare kababs.

This scrumptious chicken is prominently known as tandoori murgh or murgh tandoor, where murgh means chicken and tandoor implies clay oven that is used to grill the yogurt marinated meat or chicken. Some other Tandoori recipes are Tandoori chicken sandwich, Chicken tikka, Chicken shawarma, Chicken kebab, and Szechuan chicken.

Chicken Korma: Korma is one type of gravy dish, usually prepared with nuts, spices, seeds, yogurt, vegetables, meat, and coconut. It is known to be derived in the Indian subcontinent in times of the Mughal era. The chicken korma is delicious and creamy. It goes well with Jeera rice, steamed basmati rice, or Indian breads, such as roti, Naan, or paratha.

If you are looking for chicken recipes in hindi, then different recipe websites are there to quench your thirst. Now, make a chicken delicacy and collect praises from friends and family.


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